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I Am Your Protector Inc

I Am Your Protector Inc
CROWDRISE : Jul 10, 2017
Tax ID: 47-5097477
BASED: New York, NY, United States


Protecting = Peace!

I Am Your Protector was formed based on the observation that a majority of individuals holding hateful views undergo a transformation when they are protected in some way by a member of their perceived “enemy” group. We are a community of people who speak up and stand up for each other, in particular across lines of perceived divide, to change the way people view the “other” they used to think of as an enemy. We deconstruct hatred by sharing tools to act as protectors.

Back in 2015, I Am Your Protector set out on a mission to create a network of individuals resisting hate in all possible forms, while promoting the stories of everyday people protecting one another. We reached our 3-year goal just after 18 months, featuring more than 60 events across 25 international cities, all centered around melting hate and transforming assumed enemies into committed allies. In these events, 80-95% of participants report a transformation in the way they see groups which have been 'othered.' Having been covered by news outlets such as Time Magazine and The Huffington Post, while working with groups such as the United Nations and the Mayors' Offices of Geneva and New York City, IAYP continues to expand its reach and network. Now entering a year-long partnership with Design for America-NYU, planning a US-based photography project with Ridwan Adhami, and organizing events in New York, London, and elsewhere, IAYP is unstoppable! Please continue to follow our story, and help us to build peace across the globe! #IAmYourProtector #IAYP #BeAProtector 

Tax ID: 47-5097477 •


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