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I need funding suport to de-radicalise and reintegrate 22 radicalised youth in West Africa

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Mutaru Mumuni Muqthar


I survived the 1994 Nanomba-Konkomba war in Northern Ghana even though I lost one of my uncles. Life took a nose-dive after this. Having been de-radicalized myself by the intervention of my imam as a 20 year old, I found my passion in helping to contribute to global peace through Countering Violent Extremism and radicalization. As a Muslim who believes in Islam as a religion of peace, I views my religion as a legitimately practical means through which I can inspire the world to embrace universal peace. The great thing is that not only do I believe in this, I see it as an obligation to educate the vulnerable population who are religiously active to view Islam as a tool for promoting peace and social transformation. So I studied for an MA in International Terrorism and Global Crime and International Security in 2012 at a time radicalization and terrorist attacks were at an all time high in West Africa. Today West Africa is one of the deadliest regions for terrorism globally. Last year, my organization, the West Africa Centre for Counter-Extremism (WACCE) helped to dissuade 22 vulnerable youth from becoming radicalised and engaging in terrorism. This includes saving a radicalized young man's life (aged 21), just a day before he was scheduled to travel to join ISIS in Syria through our counter-radicalization TV program. 13 others have joined. My biggest challenge is that I need funding support to enable these youth undergo de-radicalization and integration. Funds will go into CVE countering narratives program, provide apprentice training, education for those who can and are willing and to prevent more others from becoming radicalized. Without your help, the population stands the risk of recording more radicalising and terrorist acts. I will really be highly grateful for your support. No amount is too small. Thank you.



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Mutaru is working on selecting a charity so you can support I need funding suport to de-radicalise and reintegrate 22 radicalised youth in West Africa.