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Stephany Lane Yarbrough's Fundraiser:

IWE: The Feminine Light in the Middle East Symposium

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EVENT DATE: Nov 16, 2012

Stephany Lane Yarbrough


Hello everyone,

Any funds raised from this site through The Institute of Women's Enlightenment as well as The Feminine Light in the Middle East Gathering below will all go to Women for Women International, an amazing cause! Team members are supporting Women for Women International as we are through this description below of I-WE and The Feminine light in the Middle East Gathering.

For more information about direct funding and Team building of I-WE and The Feminine Light in the Middle East Gathering, please click this link I-WE.



The Feminine Light in the Middle East Symposium™ presented by The Institute of Women's Enlightenment (I-WE)

The Feminine Light in the Middle East Symposium is a conference designed to support and nurture the lives of women and girls in the Middle East, and connect women around the world. Exploring the timely questions:

• How can women take a leadership role in the health of humanity by coming to know and embrace our own self-worth?
• How can women transform the world toward peace and joy?

The Feminine Light Symposium will:

• Highlight the strategic work of local nonprofits, businesses and unique individuals who foster a collective union between like-minded women and men in the Middle East.
• Recognize and promote the value of women’s global presence
• Create designs to enhance and encourage the betterment of women and girls’ lives as a key element to toward bringing a greater peace in the Middle East and the larger world.
• Further establish I-WE as a local agent for education, collaboration and promotion of  women’s efforts

The Feminine Light in the Middle East Symposium is forum for the work and energy of the Institute of Women’s Enlightenment (I-WE). Charting the vision "Happy Women; Happy World™". I-WE seeks to become a clearinghouse for the ideas and efforts of forward thinking women and men who want to assert a new voice dedicated to the health of humanity through the health and healing of women by fostering knowledge of their unique worth.

When Donald Steinberg, Deputy Administrator Ambassador for the U.S. Agency for International Development, viewed Abigail Disney’s documentary Pray the Devil Back to Hell at CARE’s 2012 101st International Women’s Day Conference and was then asked “Will a peace agreement work?” he said, ”Unless it involves women, the answer is usually no.”

On November 16th, 2011, The International Day for Tolerance, I-WE brought together 36 panelists shared visions for the healing of humanity with over 100 participants. Focusing on the Middle East, particularly women's roles in the Arab Spring uprisings, the 2011 symposium worked to create and gather a strong community which now requires continued funding to develop and promote a new feminine leadership role that recognizes women’s unique skills as educators, healers, relationship builders, peacemakers and spiritual guides.

The Institute of Women’s Enlightenment wants to continue the momentum begun at last year's Feminine Light in the Middle East Symposium building upon the I-WE vision.

The Feminine Light in the Middle East Symposium - An Ambitious Vision

Although last year’s symposium garnered a proclamation letter from Beverly Hills Mayor Brucker which strongly supports the vision of the I-WE, the entirety of the funding for the production of the Symposium was provided by Stephany Yarbrough. This year, Dr. Yarbrough is asking for help from the global village. Stephany’s conviction is the time is NOW for women to embrace the dawn of an emerging evolutionary consciousness which can change the world. Stephany lives her life faithful to this truth. You may help expand her effort giving birth to this new world.

Please view and share this video on Youtube from last year’s Symposium.

The video describes some of the ideas and vision explored by a vibrant mix of thinkers, CEOs, teachers, healers, artists and activists who participated in the Symposium and who share in the feminine light. You may also review the schedule below from last year’s Symposium.

This November 16th or 17th, 2012 The Feminine Light in the Middle East Gathering

The schedule:
• Introduction to I-WE and purpose
• Presenting the 30 minute video from last year’s Symposium
• Speakers and entertainers
• Distribution of the I-WE Prospectus
• A question and answer session
• Action steps of building community around the world and business involvement in I-WE
• Action steps for developing a National tour of The Feminine Light in the Middle East  Symposium

The funds will be used for:
• The venue
• The catering
• The promotion
• The printing
• The services and technology for the gathering

The Institute of Women’s Enlightenment (I-WE) was formed on a shoestring supported by a handful of women and men as a startup multimedia, educational entertainment company. I-WE strives to create a global community of gender worth and health through the developmental consciousness of women's identity and leadership as distinct from men. The founder of I-WE, Stephany Lane Yarbrough, PhD Developmental Psychology (and daughter of folk singer Glenn Yarbrough), has been researching the nature of women’s worth and the developmental journey of women for the past two decades while she has become a generator and catalyst for social change. Her foundational vision has been realized through her first book: The Feminine Light. Through perseverance, she continues to build upon this vision and invites everyone to participate in leaving a new legacy for our children. is currently in development. For anyone who is interested in participating in organizing this event or more information about it or about participating in the development of, please contact:

Thank you in advance, your contribution is much appreciated to Women for Women International from I-WE!!!


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