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iBelajar is Learning Inovation

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BENEFITING: Education Development Center, Inc. (EDC)

EVENT DATE: Dec 15, 2013

Susanto Ciang


What is iBelajar ?

iBelajar is stand for Inovasi Belajar, which in English is Learning Innovation. It is a learning facility available online, a digital teacher. Inside iBelajar is the school learning material in the form of hundreds of animated picture and sound, like the video sample shown above. iBelajar started in 2009 with a big dream that all student in every part of the country can have equal learning standards.

Why is it necessary to have an equal standards of learning ? The quality of lessons acquired by students is highly depended on the quality of the teacher itself to deliver the learning material. And it is often in the case of teaching process, not all students could get the same quality of teaching, especially when we talk about in a whole wide country, or when it comes to school at the very corner of the country. The teachers in small cities are often not the same high quality when compared the teacher in the big city, or when we compare the private schools with the public schools, or high expenses school with just regular school

Learning by using iBelajar is breakthrough in learning activities, that’s why we called it Learning Innovation. Because learning by using iBelajar, each student will get the same high quality standards of learning, because each student from every conner of the country now can get access with learning material in form of moving pictures and sound. All the text book will be presented in animation and can be accessed anywhere anytime.

Also a very plus point when using iBelajar, every lesson, chapter, section or any part of the lesson can be repeated many times over and over again as the students wish until their completely understand the lesson. In the real life, most of the student is very reluctant to ask the teacher to repeat the lesson even when they don’t understand, and sometimes we also find that is the teacher also unwilling to repeat it because maybe there are only one or two student fail to understand.

By using iBelajar, all students, in all regions, in every corner of the country, will have the same access to a good quality learning material. And when learning from digital teacher, each lesson will be very easy to understand and fun to be learned. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to replace the real teacher with some teaching machine, I just embraced the technology and used it for a better education. In fact when I introduced iBelajar to teacher, I find every teacher is very happy using iBelajar because now have a very helpful tool to help them teaching.

I started this project since 2009, and I have spent a lot of my own money until I’m no longer able to fund it anymore. Currently the school subject that has been available are only for junior high, they are Physics, Math, Biology and Chemistry. I just cannot continue to senior high because I do not have any money anymore.
Therefore I need to raise up to US$ 50,000, and I will use all funds raised to continue the project, to complete high school lessons material. Any funds raised will be used to pay flash animator to make all the school material into a form of animated pictures and sound



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