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Ibiza Creativity Week 2013

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BENEFITING: Children's Creativity Museum

EVENT DATE: Sep 30, 2013

Corentin Momont


Creatibi is a meeting in which the common denominator will be the creative curiosity. Sharing ideas, defending points of view, learning from the others : this is the essence of Creatibi.

Where will it take place?

In Ibiza. Yes, we admit it, we love partying in Ibiza more than a fat kid loves cake, but there is a thing we like even more, it’s to be able to rack our brains surrounded by beaches and idyllic landscapes that inspire tranquility and good vibes! Surrounded by this environment, ideas arise easily! And if not, remember that the poets (no, we are not talking about David Guetta) always found inspiration in atypical sites! We won’t be different!

How much does it cost?

100 euros. We have a lot of expectations for this project and the only thing we want is that all the crazy people like us come to kick up a big fuss. Come on, our big challenge was to obtain an affordable price for the pocketbook of everyone who wants to come to shake his neurons! Moreover, this isn’t our business (in spite of having worked like sickos to keep the project going) we don’t have a lucrative goal, we just want to cover the costs, that’s why we tell you for which things we set aside the money euro by euro.

What would be an example of a typical day of the program?

This point has to be clearly understood: the fact that we are completely mad doesn’t mean that we are lazy! So don’t think we’ll get up at 12 to begin the talks at 3 in the afternoon! It’s not our philosophy! We want productivity, fresh minds and available to be squeezed as much as possible! Each attendee’s implication is what will make this meeting very nice! A typical day will have a schedule similar to a typical day of work, even though we are sure that with all the exciting subjects we’ll talk about… We’ll know when the talks begin…but not when they finish!

What are the main goals of the meeting?

In the end, what matters aren’t the years of life, but the life of the years! That’s why we want to do our small part to make this life great! Something unforgettable for each one of us, helping us to break the routine, to make our minds more flexible, to know other points of view, to learn from each other about everything, to enjoy!

Why only 80 people?

We don’t want a big meeting for 100 attendees! We consider that 80 is the perfect number so that each one of the attendees can get involved 100% to the project, know the others and facilitate new contacts. We use to say that the more the merrier, but we think we are the exception that proves the rule. Creatibi has to be considered for its quality, no for its quantity.

How did the idea rise up?

This project is born with the necessity for a group of crazy people to create a space to escape from our day-to-day! Going out from the cave and mix up with others is always positive (moreover and Ibiza…puf). We wanted to build a meeting place, a site in which being able to think with tranquility, to listen to you and to the others.

Do you think about carrying out an annual edition of Creatibi, or is it going to be a punctual meeting? 

The answer to this question, we’ll give it to you the second week of October… If Creatibi is a success (that we hope it will be), we will make an effort so that it won’t stay a punctual thing. If not, we’ll have learned a lot of things organizing this pilot test and it will be a good experience to learn about our mistakes.

Which capacities will Creatibi help to develop?

If you think Creatibi won’t have any effect on your life, you swing (and a lot)! In fact, we organize all this to open your mind and for you to acquire new capacities and abilities! Which ones? You’ll learn to refute ideas, to accept critics, to see things with another point of view, to put yourself in another’s brain, cognitive flexibility, to know you better, to open yourself to the others, to improve your relational capacity… Do I continue?



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