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International Charity for Africa (ICAFRI...

International Charity for Africa (I...
CROWDRISE : Sep 16, 2016
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BASED: Ottawa,, ON, Canada


International Charity for Af...


ICAfrica directly empowers the poorest enterprising & farm families (those living on less than $2 a day/person) in all the countries of Africa, to leverage their capacities to earn better incomes & move their families out of extreme poverty!

The current economic downturn in Nigeria, as in many other African countries, Zimbabwe, Liberia, etc, is creating tremendous poverty problems for thousands of extremely poor families in Nigerian villages and small town. In a typical town like Umuahia,  thousands of parents work very hard every day but earn very little and therefore are not able to buy adequate food to feed their children, more than once a day.  The primary reason for this is that all these parents are self-employed in micro enterprises and or small farms and do not have adequate capital to expand their income generating activities. A typical impoverished family of four (4) in Africa, operates on a capital of less than $100  and earn (through their self employment) about $3 or $4 a day. This can't do much to feed the family and meet their other basic life support needs.

Through the work ICAfrica charity is doing in Nigeria, Kenya and Zambia, we have devised a Revolving Microloan program that boosts the operating capital of these breadwinners, enabling them to immediately begin to earn $6 to $10 a day, thereby allowing them to move their entire families out of extreme poverty. With a microloan of $100, these families are still poor, no longer extremely poor, but they now have a fighting chance to earn more, using their increased capital. Their children can now look forward to a brighter future.  Those families that are unable to find the means to earn more, end up in great misery, sickness and early deaths.

Your Support:
Over the next 2 months, we are trying to raise $500,000 required to move five thousand 20,000 familY BREADWINNERS  (responsible for the welfare of appoximately 100,000 children & adults) in Nigeria, out of extreme poverty. We also want to use this project opportunity to provide results that show donors in the rich countries, that what it takes to end poverty in our world, is to empower the poorest people to leverage the skills which they already have, to earn more, achieve economic independence and gain a voice against bad governments. You can learn more about ICAfrica at

Please support this fundraising campaign with anything you can give: $5, $10, $15, $20, $40, $50 $ 100 and more. Note that every $100 you give, moves a family of four, out of extreme poverty, permanently!


Tax ID: 874091242RR0002 •

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Help poorest families earn better income

Help poorest families earn b…

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