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iCan for INAD



0% Raised of $150,000 Goal

The Story

EVENT DATE: Jan 31, 2015

iCAN for iNAD is ready for you!  Our goal is to promote awareness for Infantile Neuroaxonal Dystrophy.  iCan for iNad means we do it because we can: we can all be healthy, active, and able to make a difference.  This disease WILL have a cure – we just need money for research to get there!


Come join us at our local crossfit gym or virtually at a gym near you!  New to crossfit? New to exercising? Get moving and get healthy!  We will tailor to all skill levels.  iCan for iNad means to “Do it because YOU can!”.  We can all make a movement towards greater health.  Come be inspired and be motivated by people who want to help make a difference. Let’s raise some money while we are at it!


NBIA stands for Neurodegenerative Brain Iron Accumulation.  Nine diseases fall under this umbrella, one of the rare diseases is called Infantile Neuroaxonal Dystrophy, also known as INAD (pronounced iNAD).  This is the same gene as Parkinson’s with Dystonia.  When this gene expresses at a young age, it’s in the form of INAD. Children with this disease are born without delay, but then start to show symptoms from 6-18 months, when the gene expresses and the children slowly lose the ability to bear weight on their legs, then lose the ability to crawl, sit, and roll over.  Eventually, they lose his ability to speak and see.  Some children have lost their ability to smile and eat.   

Enjoy the video to the left to see how one little girl with INAD is overcoming obstacles and living life to the fullest!  Also, click on the links below to learn about the many other families and children that have lived or do live daily with INAD.



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