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October 14, 2016

they let us take Ice cream home how great is that . we still need to keep a close eye on him as he's not out of the woods yet .Thank you for See More


on Dec 01 2010 is the day my friend came to pick me up so that i could watch her kids for the night.On the way to her home i notice something moving on the road and mention it to my friend she said "ya someone hit a cat, I past it on my way to pick you up". I told her to stop! as she was going to pass it for the 2nd time.This is when I meet Ice cream for the first time, he was maybe three months old all white with blue eyes. It was clear someone had hit him with their vehicle.

As this helpless kitty was sitting in my lap with blood coming out of his eyes, I prayed to God to help this little kitty. The vet said that he most likely would make it through the night. That was enough for me, you see he said "most likely" he didn't say he wouldn't make it . six years later Ice cream is still a fighter !

For the longest time we thought Ice cream was a rude and strange little kitty. I'd call him, talk to him and nothing he'd just ignore me unless I drop somthing  then he'd come running. We figure it out,  Ice cream isn't a rude kitty at all ,he's just def .

 He's  little weird though i'll give an example ,his Ninja walk, its very slow and stealthy walk. and  He really thinks  we cant see him, when he does the walk, but we can! cause he's right there in frount of us. if he thinks you can see him he'll just freeze right there on the spot.Then again  Ice Cream did after all get hit by a vehicle  as a kitten, this may explain a few things, so it makes sence that he's def and cant hear himself there for  he thinks we can hear or see  him either if he walks real slow right ?

I have 2 kids and ice cream is there brother and if you ask them, thats  what they'd tell you. Ice cream sleeps with my son every night and hes my sons best friend and to me he is a part of this family more then he will ever know.

My son started to notice Ice cream doing things he wouldn't normally do like hiding which isn't usually Ice Creams style. Ice cream is more of the stalker style he needs to be with you every step of the way, literally every step.

Things went from bad to worse he started salivating from the mouth and he wouldn't move so I took him to the vet. Ice cream has a UTI blockage but it's not that simple for male cats it's life threatening he needs surgery and they will watch him. If the first doesn't work he will need more surgery but right now I'm just focusing on this surgery as i pray there won't be a second as the first will work .

Me and my family love ice cream very much and so  i can't in good faith let him go knowing that i have not done everything in my power to help him. so whealter it is a prayer or a donation to help  with Ice cream's surgury as we dont have the money for it 

And thank you for taking the time to read this. 

My friend told me basicly i need to be more to the point, I think

 here is goes.

P.s Im dyslexic, Im sorry if im really not good at this Im just trying to help my cat 

so Ice cream is at the vet now and will be for the next few days we will know how he doing with in the next 24 hours ,

i need to get, find or raise money to fund his surgery the vet doesn't do payment plans and we had to put our part of this month's mortgage money down as the vet wanted a down payment,it still isn't enough to cover the vet bill by far and i don't know what to do,

I spent all of last night trying to give naturopathic remedies to ice cream,  they didn't work and I had to take him to the vet as he wouldn't have made it  through and he won't make it if i don't come up with the money as i dont know what vets do when you dont pay like would they put him down ? I dont know and dont want to i and my kids want him home as soon as possible 

 we greatly thank you

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