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Emory Lynch's Fundraiser:

ICycle 2012

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ORGANIZER: Homestart

EVENT DATE: Feb 29, 2012

Emory Lynch


Homestart, Inc. wrote -

ICYCLE @ 1 International Place, Boston Ma. 7:00 am - 6:00 pm.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012 ____________________________________________________


STEP 1:  You can join in 3 ways

(1) via this website,

(2) e-mailing, or

(3) mailing us at 105 Chauncy St. Suite 502 Boston, Ma. 02111.


STEP 2:  Raise as much money as you can. 

The minimum to ride a bike for an hour is $250, but the average cost (for HomeStart) to keep a family in their home this winter is $700. 

Just think, if you raise $700, because of you, a family will spend the holidays in their own home!  So raise as much money as you can!

You can raise money through Crowdrise, bring it to the event, or mail it to 105 Chauncy St. Suite 502 Boston, Ma. 02111. 


STEP 3:  Pick your bike and hour. 

If you are on a team, your team will be assigned an hour.  This will be sent to you individually through Crowdrise and to your team captain.

If you are an indivudal, as the event approaches you will be sent a registration form with available bikes and hours. 

If you can only ride at a very specific time, please contact Anthony Guardia at or by calling 617 542 0338 ext 230 .



STEP 4:  Ride. 


Top Teams will be announced at ICYCLE and listed on the main page. 

Top Riders are listed below just click on 'see all.' 


What is HomeStart?

HomeStart ends and prevents homelessness. 

If you're homeless, HomeStart is your realtor.  Much like a real estate agency, HomeStart helps you find pemanent housing by assessing your background, financial ability, and a variety of other factors.  But once HomeStart puts you in a home, they make sure you stay there.  HomeStart provides stabalization services like money management, life skills training, etc. to make sure that you re-integrate into the community and never become homeless again. 

That's how HomeStart ends current homelessness, but HomeStart also prevents it before it starts.  If you're on the verge of losing your home, HomeStart offers emergency assistance that helps you stay in the home and avoid costly taxpayer shelters.  Usually HomeStart can keep a family in a home for $700, while moving that family into a shelter, could cost taxpayers upwards of $40,000 (nevermind the moral cost.) 

So you ready to help HomeStart end homelessness?  Then sign up, raise at least $250, and let's see if you're as tough as some of our clients.  Also while you're riding, just think, you're only outside for an hour, imagine if you were homeless. 

"I hate the cold and I really hate the breeze.  When you're homeless, you can't even feel yourself you're so cold.  It's all you can think about.  And when the wind blows, you want to be anywhere else but outside" 

"I was talking to a client the other day and he told me how grateful he was for HomeStart. HomeStart helped him get his first place, manage his money, go to school, but he was the most grateful to HomeStart for getting him out of the cold."


For general and sponsorship information please contact Anthony Guardia, Director of Development, at and 617 542 0338 x. 230.

Sponsorship opportunities include: company hour, signage on a bike, large signage at the event, and official sponsor of the event - Opportunity for official sponsorship ends 12/31.


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