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CROWDRISE : Jan 02, 2015
Tax ID: 84-1395354
BASED: Garden City, ID, United States


Idaho Black Bear Rehab

Making a Positive Difference in the World of Bears

Making a Positive Difference in the World of Bears

Since the first cub came to IBBR 25 years ago, over 200 bears have received care in our rehabilitation and release program. We know we’ve made a positive difference in the lives of those individual bears. We’re also confident that we’ve helped to foster an appreciation of the importance of individual animals in those who hear the story of those orphaned or injured bears, and those that hear about their successful release back into the wild for a second chance at freedom.

IBBR is more than an organization that rehabilitates and releases black bears. We are known world-wide for the success of our program and methods. We are a leader in the development of government and rehab facility implementation of ethical standards and methods for the rehabilitation of bears. We are a source of assistance and guidance for bear rehab programs at other facilities worldwide. We are an organization that wants to instill in others the inherent value of the individual bear and to take responsibility for the protection of bears and the wild environment.

IBBR is working hard to protect the future world of all bears. We are committed to sharing information with the public and wildlife agencies; information that can offer permanent and “bear positive” solutions to conflicts that without a different approach, lead to injury and orphan-states of bears. We are working to build compassion, protection, and ownership for the welfare of bears and their environment by developing and sharing successful practices for living, working, and recreating in bear habitat.


Tax ID: 84-1395354 •

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