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For many, it’s just a small piece of plastic with your name and photo on it. But for those trapped in poverty or displaced, an I.D. is often the first step towards stability, self-sufficiency, and dignity.


However, it is impossible to get an I.D. without a birth certificate or other proof of identity. Navigating the complexities of securing an I.D. is challenging, especially for those who lack the money, transportation, or ability to do so.


How does someone who can’t afford bus fare manage to afford an I.D.? Where does someone with a traumatic and transient upbringing locate and obtain their birth certificate in order to get an I.D.?


An I.D. is required to secure safe housing, apply for a job, get a library card, vote, visit a sick child in the hospital, enroll kids in school, apply for medicaid, pick up lifesaving prescriptions, apply for food stamps, and many other critical life necessities. It is how you prove who you are.


Not having an I.D. keeps many people trapped in poverty and insecurity.


At Reconciliation Services, we’ve seen how securing an I.D. can be a vital first step towards a more safe and secure life. We’ve already helped thousands secure an I.D. and take this first step.


We evaluate the needs of guests, walk them through the application process, help them secure all necessary documentation, and provide a voucher (not cash) to pay for their new I.D.


It’s that simple. An I.D. only costs $12.50, but that $12.50 could change someone's entire life.


How many people’s lives could you change every month?

  • $12.50 per month sponsors 1 person
  • $25.00 per month sponsors 2 people
  • $50.00 per month sponsors 4 people
  • $100.00 per month sponsors 8 people


Your donation is tax deductible and will go to work right away to enable those most in need with the necessary case management, application assistance, and paperwork needed to secure birth certificates and provide them with an I.D.


Join the I’D BE campaign today and sponsor someone’s chance To Be.