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Identify Your Dream Corporation

we offer victim advocacy, grief support, and case management for families and children of murdered parents. Tax ID 47-3719667


Violence has snatched the dreams of a nuclear family; a child is broken and lost.  They are left with a few pictures and a distant memory, which seems to fade as the days continue.  We only can attest to the growing number of murdered victims, by simply watching the daily news.  But we failed to comprehend the growing number of fatherless and motherless children due to the devastation of violence.  There are daughters who will never have the opportunity to have their fathers give them away.  There are sons who will look in the stands to only see an empty seat.  A mother is a child's first teacher, and in her absence these children struggle emotionally and behaviorally.  Death is extremely hard to process, and even worst if caused by violence, because it leaves the person angry, confused, afraid, and deeply saddened by the lack of closure.  Now try to imagine a child trying to process the heaviness of grief at that magnitude.  The reality is in black communities, violence is at a record high, but many have failed to embrace mental health services.  Although families are broken, children are hurting, most feel it is unnecessary.  As a result we have many children suffering from a broken heart that is often replaced with displaced anger.  There is a deadly cycle that persists in a community plagued by violence, causing youth to give up hope and many give up their dreams.  Identify Your Dream Foundation mission is to put an end to the cycle, offer grief support to children who have violently lost their parent, and encourage them to find passion in the midst of their pain, and discover their dream despite the devastation.  My brother Dean was murdered, and as I look at his son, I am reminded that there is a destiny to manifest, passion to pursue, and a dream to fulfill.  Please support this cause to help heal a child that will ultimately heal the community, in hopes to heal the nation.