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Nur Sadiq's Fundraiser:

Edward Norton agreed to read my new screenplay if I raise money for The Signature Theater Company

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BENEFITING: Signature Theatre Company


EVENT DATE: May 05, 2016

Nur Sadiq


Marcus Markou wrote -

Edward Norton tweeted he was raising money for The Signature Theater Company on Crowdrise. I cheekily tweeted him back saying I would donate something if he read my new screenplay.

Later that night I thought... "F**k it" and I donated $2000. My wife thought I was crazy. I thought I was crazy. I added a note saying that this would be cheaper than using a Casting Director. I figured if Edward never got back to me it would not matter because the money was going to a good cause anyway. I left it at that. And then I felt a little sad because I really would like Edward to read my screenplay because I think he would be perfect for the lead. I never imagined Edward would (a) Notice me (b) Respond to me (c)... There is no (c).

So... imagine my surprise and delight when I got a message from Phil Eisen (one of the guys who runs Crowdrise) saying that he'd sent my note to Edward. He not only liked the idea, he loved the idea and asked if I would be up for this challenge.

Holy Cows! Yikes! OMG! 

If I could raise a further $2000 for The Signature Theater Company - which is dedicated to exploring an entire body of a playwright's work - he would definately, 100%, read my new screenplay.

What is the screenplay? It's called 'Crazy Blue 4 U" and it's about a former boy band member from the 90s who tried to go solo and failed. He's become a forgotten recluse and the story starts on the night of his suicide. As he's about to let go of it all, his house is burgled by some teenagers. One of them inadvertently disturbs the suicide and accidentally saves his life.

The story is about how our hero ends up mentoring this kid and rediscovering the true purpose of living.

For those who know the film business, it's an almost impossible task just to get someone to read the screenplay. So this is a major, dare I say... "crazy" breakthrough.

About me. I wrote, directed and even self distributed my debut movie Papadopoulos & Sons a couple of years ago. It ended up getting the second highest screen average of any movie in its opening weekend here in the UK (only beaten by Oblivion with Tom Cruise).

As a result of this I have become a champion for self distribution and taking matters into one's own hands. So here I am again. Doing it a different way. And again, in a way I never expected. It would be great if you were to become part of this new journey.

Warning! There is no guarantee of Edward Norton actually saying yes and doing this. He would have to come to the UK. It rains a lot here. He would also have to fall in love with the script but love is not logical. So you never know.

PS - I have set a date of 5th of May as a cut off point. If we beat $2000 then let's just keep going and who knows what we will get from Ed. A second reading? An introduction to Brad? 

The Team: $6,170 TOTAL RAISED SO FAR

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