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As a way to get our name out their and raise money . I start 10 for If and when. If you have the ability to do push up do ten for and then share a photo to us . If you can't do pushs nominate someone that can and donate 10 dollar . We are doing the the shirt thing on booster as another fundraising venture. We will be pushing this thru 2016 @IFANDWHENINC Tax ID 35-2484089


We exist to assist the elderly, young adults, veterans and the youth of America with daily living activities, promote the achievement of life advancement skills and resource support. Strive to work with the elderly to mentor the youth, veterans and young adults empowering them to become productive,informed, law abiding citizens.We will achieve this by supplying transportation, mentorship programs, home repairs, home updates, community events,literature, classes and seminars. We plan to start off conducting these events in the Dallas, TX area and branch off to other cities and states.