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i fought for the safety of my daughters

Organized by: r chapman

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My ex wife and I were divorced in 2013. We shared 50/50 custody of our two minor daughter's. In Feb 2014, their mother loaded them in a uhaul and moved the from SC to tucson, AZ. I went to the courts in SC who told me there was nothing in our divorce that prevented her from leaving the state. I got visitation and spent their spring break with them in AZ. When I returned home, I found that their mother was being investigated for child abuse and neglect on my daughters. I told my boss that I was to fly the girls back to SC for summer visitation. I told him that after the summer was over, I was going to relocate to Tucson to be closer to my girls. May 27 2014 I flew to AZ, met my daughters at the airport and flew back to SC with them. I then sat down with them to share the news of me relocating to AZ with them. On may 2913th, i explained to my daughter's that I had already started to sell of larger unwanted things so my move would be easier. They were both so excited to hear the news. After all the excitement subsided, my oldest daughter (10yrs old) asked, "so are we going back to AZ with you or with mom?" I responded by saying according to the court order you will go back to your mom at the end of July. She immediately started convulsing, crying and carrying on saying " you can't make me go back to that woman I will not go." then my 8 yr old started crying too. I tied to calm them down and console them. My 10 year old daughter then said the following when I asked what was going on. She said and I quote, " four days before I flew to AZ to pick them up and bring them to SC. She woke up her mother and asked if their mom could make breakfast cereal for them, that her mother attacked her with a hairbrush, beating her so hard and repeatedly that she broke the hairbrush off on her and drew blood with it!" she pulled up her sleeve and revealed a cut where the broken of end of the hairbrush gouged a section of skin from her arm! At that point my 8 yr old said, " the whole time mommy was beating her she was screaming mommy stop you are hurting me, mommy said good and that she didn't give a f-word. " I immediately called SC to report the abuse. SC DSS said it was not their problem as it did not happen in SC. they said to call AZ. I did, AZ told me that they would investigate however the kids were in SC so the could not! They recommended I call SC DSS and have them taken a statement from my kids. I once again called SC DSS who refused to get involved. After going back and forth between calling to AZ and SC for almost 2 months July 7th, 2014 AZ Dept of Child Safety finally decided to open an investigation over the phone. During the statements made by my children, my eight year old who has a ADHD informed the investigator that her mother from time to time would give her an extra pill which made her sick and sleepy so mom could leave her with my older child and go out! ADHD meds are a controlled substance and are prescribed from a doctor. If says on the warning papers for the meds never take more than the prescribed amount of medication as it can be potentially fatal. Tucson police then got involved and advised me that it was in the best interest of the girls for me to hire an attorney and file for emergency custody and prevent them from going back to the abuse and care of their mother. I took every bit of the money I had saved to move to AZ and used it to retain an attorney. I work on retail so I do not make a ton of money. I had to pay for my daughter's to go to counseling weekly. I had to pay out of my pocket being as my work insurance did not cover their counseling. I. Had to borrow all that I could from my work 401k and took at a personal loan to help with legal fees. After a year of fighting in court, I finally have permanent custody of my daughter's now 9 and 11. I have sold almost everything I could to help pay for legal fees. The mountain of legal fees, guardian at lidem, and counseling charges have made it virtually impossible for me to get caught up. I am willing to do whatever I can to protect my children and I love them dearly. But the lawsuit has put a huge financial button on my shoulders. I want them to be safe, happy, and feel loved. We just need your help.


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r chapman

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