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Brian Dailey's Fundraiser:

Mobilizing the International Journal of Healing and Caring

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Benefitting the Universe!
March 22, 2016

Like many of you, I have made previous donations, and will continue to make more. I have known and worked with Dr. Benor for more years then  See more
Brian Dailey



                                                WE NEED YOUR HELP!

From: Daniel Benor, MD, Editor-in-Chief, IJHC

Google is no longer going to index our old, open access site because it is not mobile friendly. To add injury to insult, our site has just now been hacked to shreds.

We've started to develop a new website We regret we can't even provide a full table of our wonderful contents, as this disappeared with everything else hacked on our old site. Listen to a brief sampling of the IJHC contents in the video to the left of this window, at the end of the string of IJHC logos.

We go where other journals hesitate to tread! Our timeless articles from around the world cover the entire spectrum of wholistic healing: body, emotions, mind, relationships and spirit, including:
 - Research in areas other journals won't publish
   - Clinical reports from caregivers
     - People describing their uses of new methods,
       including self-healing approaches
       - Remarkable recoveries from medically
        incurable diseases
        - An enormous spread of discussions on
         wholistic healing
         - Creative Arts as Healing
          - Book Reviews on Wholistic Healing

                    And see our rewards for your donation below

Our open access (free) IJHC journal and monthly Ezine on innovative, wholistic healthcare is a registered 501c3 charity. We bring healing information free of charge to people in need and to therapists of all kinds around the world.

We share the latest wholistic healing approaches to build and maintain your health and to help you deal with health issues. Our timeless articles from around the world cover Complementary/ Alternative Medicine, Integrative Care and Creative Arts as Healing.

Soon you will again be able to read articles on our new site, by:
 - Bernie Siegel, MD and other forward looking medical doctors and nurses;
 - Practitioners using Energy Psychology, Healing (TT, HT, Reiki), Homeopathy,  QiGong, Meditation, Flower essences, Healing with food, Animal healing, Creative Arts as Healing, and more...
 - Self-healing reports from people using these approaches for medically incurable problems, including Scleroderma, Multiple Sclerosis, Schizophrenia and more...

Read book reviews and our monthly ezine on amazing innovations in healing for body, emotions, mind, relationships and spirit.

With your help, in our next issue we'll be able to publish 2 articles on a SELF-HEALING CURE for PTSD (yes, a cure!) for genocide survivors in Rwanda, cured in 1 brief session after more than 20 years of suffering.

Check us out at our old site

                                                   PRAISES FOR THE IJHC

Dan, your tireless work over all these years has inspired and supported so many!  Some leading edge articles that would not have found a home were brought to the world due to the IJHC, and your meticulous gathering of everything from pertinent studies to relevant humor has been a great and most welcome resource for the entire wholistic healing movement.  As a small service organization with one of our main resources also being the sweat of our brows, we salute you, and we only wish that we could offer more.

David (Feinstein) and Donna (Eden)


Each article has an abstract - giving you the essence of its contents - so you can scan for the outline or delve in to the full article for detailed information.

Our monthly ezine has briefer items, including videos on wholistic healing, complementary/alternative therapies, healing through humor, creative arts and much more.

We're hoping for enough support to cover the new website design, transfer over 500 IJHC articles and book reviews, plus our monthly ezine, plus covering the time of IJHC staff in organizing and supervising all of this.

Our thanks and rewards for your donation:
1. $10 Your name or company name on the CROWDRISE SITE and on the IJHC SUPPORTERS WALL
With larger donations you also can add on the IJHC WALL:
2. $25 Add photo
3. $50 Add live link (ONLY TO SITES OF GOOD TASTE)
4. $100 Add eBook by Dr. Benor - download of your choice
5. $250 Add second book + 30 minute consultation with Dr. Benor to learn about wholistic, self-healing methods for your pain, stress or distress. Dr. Benor can recommend many varieties of wholistic approaches
6. $500+ Includes (1-4) Add third book + Add 75 minute consultation with Dr. Benor to learn and to use wholistic, self-healing methods for your pain, stress or distress


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