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February 17, 2016

I'm looking to reaching my goals of getting out of my current situation,so I can help others just like me that have a big heart in helping people See More


Hey my name is Mark Anthony Wright and I'm 32yrs old and I just got laid off Feb 8th.Ive been struggling for the past 4yrs since me and daughters mother have separated.I have a 7yr old Daughter name Essence Sanai Wright and she is my world.Even though me and her mother are not together we have a great relationship in co-parenting our daughter.I have gotten so accustomed to taking care of my daughter,that I don't know what it is to not take care of my child.She is my motivation and reason I get up and work so hard to support her and make her happy,but these 4yrs have been a roller coaster for me.For the past 4yrs I've been on numerous jobs,and worked 2&3 jobs at a time just to make ends meet,just to make sure my daughter was well taking care financially.Even though I've struggled and went without many of days and many of nights,Ive never complain because I Knew her mom was taking good care of our daughter.These past 4yrs have been some ups and some downs when trying to keep a steady full time job,to pay my bills and to take care of my responsibilities as a man,and due to this recession I've haven't been able to land that perfect job,that keeps me ahead of the rat race(JOB)JUST OVER BROKE!I just keep on sinking and I'm trapped in dept and just can't get out of this recession.I've been unemployed before and now again.I've gotten this far because of God's grace and I know he's going to take care of me because I trust in him,but something haves to give.I know I have such a big heart and not just towards my daughter,but in people and in the lives of people.I know my worth and these past 4yrs I've been homeless,sleeping in my car,at strangers houses that I met in the streets,that were struggling just like me,but yet people that I barely even knew took me in.Growing up I really never had it easy.I can remember growing up and my mom a young parent raising 3 kids on her own being on public assistance and my dad being there,but really wasn't there financially of mentally,because all he did was get drunk,do drugs,beat my mother and treated her like she wasn't nothing.I remember my mother telling me to never do the things you see your father do,but you do the opposite and that stuck with me til this day.So as I grew up I knew whenever I had my family of my own I wanted to be everything he wasn't.I knew I never wanted to be a deadbeat Dad like him,so that's why I've worked so hard to accomplish it.Before these 4yrs of recession me and my daughter mother had a great relationship.I had a Full time job at the hospital that I've worked for 7yrs and finance was a stay at home mom.We've bought a house a car and was living pretty good,but the recession came later on and hit the hospital where I worked at and many were being laid off like daily,you just never knew was going to be next and I didn't want to find out so my finance at the time had got a job offer when we was traveling to Myrtle beach and at this time her sister and her husband had just got married and were looking for a house and we offer them to move into our house,since my finance got a job offer to move to myrtle beach,so they agreed.I later then after landed me a full time job working in a Retirement home service which I loved because I just love to interact with people and get to meet new people and the story lines of their life,which most of them in there was so pleasingly Talkative and just wanted someone to take the time out to care for them.The people there in that retirement home really grew on me and made have a great passion for caring for people.One whole year after getting settled into living in myrtle beach my finance mother was diagnose terminal cancer which led her to take care of her mother and moving back home to Kinston nc actually and led us to separating,but yet we manage to see eye to eye in the care of our child.Months later I was laid off and then unemployed for over a year and then homeless,sleeping in my car and house hopping to house to house.I never would have imagine to be right back in this situation again a 2nd time,but it has happened and I'm here again,so what do I do now?I normally wouldn't do this but I've come to run out of resources and funds and I'm looking for a way out of this recession.I just know my worth and I really do believe that I can make a difference in this world and in the lives of others.I want to be able to help people that are just like me who wants something out of life,something better,live a decent life without financial worries.I want to be able to help people get on their feet and let them know you are not alone,there is help.I just want to let people know what I have to offer in this world,because I have purpose and everyone does.You just got to find out what that purpose it.I know that God said in the the bible you have not because you ask not,so I'm just going to trust him in faith that he will take care of me.#GodBless


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Mark Wright

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