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MY FRIENDS ANGELA IS GOING THROUGH HER MOST HARDEST TIME IN HER LIFE NOW, LET'S READ ABOUT HER SAD STORY AND TO SEE IF YOU CAN DONATE TO HELP HER. THANK YOU! SHE WROTE ABOUT IT AS BELOW:   I'm Angela come from Hong Kong. In this almost 12 years, my life experience just such like a sadness book or movie! I just going through panic disorder and depression almost over 12 years. Because of this illness, almost every month or every 2 months, I have to went to the hospital to follow up the treatment and went to see psychology doctor also, and sometimes I needed took the sick leave to take a long rest if the illness attack. But my companies all I ever worked before, when they still not yet know my illness, I also passed the probation and they also gave me good performance at my work assessment, but after they know that, they will also just unsatisfied I needed took the sick leave and then found the difference excuses to termination my contract. I just needed non-stop to apply another jobs again and again. It's really make me feel super frustrating because I'm already 42 years old, and when the employers saw my resume, they will just asked me why I changed so many jobs, it really just make me more difficult to find the job. The bad luck seems very love to joke with me.   Almost few years ago, I and my ex-husband had some problems happened, we ever tried very hard to see if we can solve it, but shamed we still divorced eventually. It's really make my illness attack serious than before. Because I lose the job and divorce also, I really super worried and scared my future.   Bad luck keep continues ran to me.   Almost 3.5 years ago, because I lose job again and needed searched the jobs in internet, then due to accidental, I surf the internet and then met a guy at a chat website, he said he lived in USA but he is an irish guy actually, we started to chatted sometimes at that website. One day, we also chatted such as before, and he told me he will go to Malaysia to do a huge project, and maybe will come to Hong Kong to visit me because he said he like me! We still chatted often In that period when he's in Malaysia doing his project. But almost 1 months later, he said his project had some problems needed money to fix it, he started to asked me borrowed the money, I don't borrowed at the beginning, but unfortunately, he used his tricks to make me started to borrowed money to him. At the end, just such like most scammers cheated the other peoples's money, he used the difference tricks to cheated my money and asked me borrow different bank loans and I also asked most of my friends to borrowed money , it's huge amount. All the things just driving me crazy, and make my illness attack serious more and more than before.   My panic disorder and depression super affect my life, and just make me have negative thinking, I tried suicide in last years becausei feel my life is so hard and seems difficult to survive.   Although save my life now, but my negative thoughts still always non-stop around in my mind, I feel very frustrating and exhausting. And because I'm no income to support myself to go to follow up the treatment and see the psychology doctor also, it's very expensive everytime, and also every month have to return money but I'm so poor now, therefore, I feel super stress and sad. One of My friend know this website and also donate money to helped the other peoples before, and he knows my situation, so he asked me try to tell the other peoples at this website to see if someone anyone can kind to help my big financial problems now.   Because I'm still no job no income now, but I have to go to follow up the treatment on time and return the money to my friends who lend the money to me every month. Therefore, I really hope the kindness and compassionate peoples in the world can donate some money to me to help me overcome my hardest time. Thanks for your time to read my story and Thank you all of you if you can help me!   P.S. I'm a kind woman also, because I also helped so many poor peoples/begger. So, I hope someone anyone can donate some money even if very less amount to help me please! Thank you very much!


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