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Giving my love & skills to the ones (of LGBT community) who are being discriminated in Russia

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But love is free. What am I raising money for? For my professional, certified skills of a therapist (or psychotherapist) and time given to reach out and work with the people who really need it.
There are so many of them out there, being obused in different ways, especially the teenagers, and the government only makes it worse.
Your support will help me provide result-oriented - the results will be substantial in 10 sessions - therapy for at least 15 people. I will ask each of them to download a video or a photo (maybe anonymus) to prove that our work with them provided results and so you know that your monye went for real-life help.
Maybe all this sounds crazy to you - to give mone to some woman in Moscow -  and it does even to me but I assure you that I am devoted to my job, this project and my values won't let me do otherwise but work. My heart really aches when I see this discrimination here.
But there are prejudice and obstacles between people (even seriously traumatised or secsually abused people - government doesn't provide any therapy) and professionals who can help:
1. Psychotherapy is very uncommon in Russia. They think that one is weak or koo-koo if he goes to a therapist. People are just not used to seeking professional help, they prefer substunces of friends, but they are not sufficient at fixing or healing the core of the problem or trauma. So we need to educate, to reach out to them.
2. Many people cannot afford it (even moscowites) and some think that since it is psychological help and it has to do with the "soul" it should be for free or very cheap. And you must know - good quality service (to learn which a person had to invest lot's of money and time) is not cheap.
3. Many russians want really quick results.

All my certificates are displayed at I'd love to do this volunteer work without anyone's help but I can't. Since I study for my Master's degree in HSE University on Existential analysis programm (my thisis and reseach is on psychological predictors and values associated with the attitude to homosexuality) I don't have much time left for work and it is my only source of provision. That is why I need you and I will be sincerely greatfull for your help.



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Nadia is working on selecting a charity so you can support Giving my love & skills to the ones (of LGBT community) who are being discriminated in Russia.