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Celebrating Nature, Creating Community, Inspiring Sustainability Tax ID 31-1077150


Imago is a 37 year old nonprofit organization, dedicated to providing inspiration and education for green living. People and communities that live more connected to nature benefit the planet, while benefitting themselves. 

Imago provides a number of opportunities and experiences for teaching sustainability and for connecting to nature. 

  • Imago preserves 37 acres of urban greenspace. It is operated as a free nature preserve. People from all walks are life come to hike the trails and explore
  • Imago provides outdoor education classes for youth... from weeklong summer camps to partnerships with urban schools and agencies. Children participating in these programs get out in nature on a regular and ongoing basis. 
  • Imago presents over 30 workshops a year on sustainability. These workshops are designed for everyday people to learn how to make greener lives within easy reach.

For more information about Imago and its programs.