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Ed Hale's Fundraiser:

I'm Giving My Hair Away to Kids Who NEED It

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BENEFITING: Locks of Love, Inc.

EVENT DATE: Sep 23, 2014

Ed Hale


This is a very SIMPLE fundraiser. As a rocker I've got long hair. With a new album coming out, that hair is going to inevitably get cut and styled. So a few months ago I decided to grow the heck out of my long hair to make it long enough to donate a nice long luscious hair donation to the non-profit Locks of Love. They're a charity that collects real hair to make hair-pieces for under-privileged kids who are going through chemo and lose their own hair. The longer the hair the better it is -- because they can only make wigs out of LONG strands, not from little pieces. They actually only accept ponytails! YIKES! And the minimum length donation is 10 inches. But fear not. I am well beyond that now. (SEE THE VIDEO) BUT I still have to look GOOD, right? So we can't go TOO short. Or can we??? That's the question.
         So how can YOU help? EASY: Challenge me! Locks of Love needs financial contributions as much as they need hair. Their WHOLE engine is fueled 100% by donations. They're NON-profit. Cool right? So donate a buck per inch that I cut off. The more hair I cut off = the better the wig they can make AND the more money they'll receive from all of YOUR donations. If I'm REALLY feeling bold that day, maybe it'll be 12 to 14 inches tops. So hell, donate two bucks per inch if you feel up to it. However you can be INVOLVED is more than cool.
        ALL donations are going straight to Locks of Love. And my incredible French-Moroccan hair-maestro at Paule Attar Salon is donating the cut and style! So it's a big win-win-win for everyone! Any amount donated is awesome. It's being part of it that's cool.
        OKAY So when am I going to walk the plank and take this plunge? Not sure yet. No later than the first day of autumn, that's for sure. But preferably sooner. Just have to be strategic and make sure my hair is LONG enough to be able to cut off a nice LONG ponytail and still look halfway decent. So we'll see... Thanks for playing with me as we give back to these kids!
Ed Hale

PS -- if YOU want to JOIN me and already have LONG hair -- see the video -- then by all means JOIN ME and let's do it together on the same day!!! Right? Doesn't matter where you live. We'll all hit our respective salons on the same day and give them the biggest darn hair donation they've ever received! Just a thought...



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