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Autoimmune disease

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Some of you don't know I'm sick. i thought about it twice before releasing this kind of personal information to the public, but here it goes...

Not too long ago I was diagnose with an Autoimmune disease similar to Lupus. I also have a positive ANA in blood and positive Platelets antibody and many other symptoms. Even thou i look 'normal' i have a constant fever and have loss some weight, i feel sick but always with a smile on my face. My health is deteriorating pretty fast, currently i'm on homeopathy treatment. After multiple tests and visits to many specialist and emergency rooms in Chicago and Atlanta they found out the cause of my disease was my BREAST IMPLANTS! Its so hard to believe because doctors tell you implants are totally safe. That's a huge lie.

All implants, i repeat ALL implants in market (including Saline water ones, like mine) have a silicone shell, they all do. After 5-7 years the toxic silicone shell molecules start to break down and enter the blood stream, causing autoimmune diseases and symptoms hard to diagnose.
There is prof out there about a strong link between autoimmune disease and breast implants. Many woman have been sick because of this. I will post links and videos with information on this topic. Soon I will get a website were I'll be advocating and informing the public and other victims.

If I don't remove my implants and have a special surgery to clean the tissue containing the silicone, and detox blood and body, eventually I will die, the body starts to deteriorate and neurological, immune and bacterial infection will take place affecting organs and brain function.

I NEED SURGERY AS SOON AS POSSIBLE if i want to live and recuperate. Insurance does Not cover surgery. I will have to pay out of pocket, it's a lot of money, that's why i'm asking for your help. -If you do help and wish to know info. on doctor performing surgery, hospital location etc...I will gladly send that to you on a private message-

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yerika is working on selecting a charity so you can support Autoimmune disease.