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Improve Friendship Park

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Friendship Park Friendship Park is a historic meeting place on the US/Mexico border where San Diego meets Tijuana. The US side of the park is atop Monument Mesa in Border Field State Park The Mexico side of the park sits beneath the famous lighthouse, El Faro in Playas de Tijuana. People gather to visit family and friends “across the line” What is the Project? We want to make the park a friendlier and more accessible place. Although on the Tijuana side, the park is surrounded by a lively beach town, the US side is gated off, hard to get to, and carefully guarded. The following goals can help us become the colorful place we hope to achieve: Install more seating in the park Setup Whisper Dishes Install Telescopes Redesign to true binational park More Benches There is currently only one bench in the park, we would like to make the visiting space more comfortable and welcoming. We hope the seating will put more visitors at ease and creat more natural conversation. James Brown, a member of Friends of Friendship Park and architect at Public Architecture and Planning, will take the lead on this project. Whisper Dishes We will put these whisper dishes on the outsides of the park fence - one across the border in Mexico and another at the edge of Border Field State Park. The dishes will provdie an alternative for working families who cannot visit the park during the limited regulated hours. Daniel Watman, member of Friends of Friendship Park and head of the Binational Gardin and Border Encuentro, will oversee this portion of the project. Dan hopes to work with 4walls International, a local group that creates sustainable structures out of trash, to build the dishes. Telescopes We would like to install a telescope atop the Tijuana Observation Deck and purchase another to keep on hand on the US side. The telescopes will aid people with hearing disabilities and allow families and friends to visit when the park is closed.Dan Watman will also head this project. Total Park Redesign Our biggest dream yet - a truly binational park. James Brown and the Friends of Friendship Park have been working to come up with a plan for a truly bi-national park where there are no physical borders bisecting the park. Who’s in Charge of these efforts? The Friends of Friendship Park are members of the community working to create a future in which the public will have unrestricted access to this historic meeting place. FOFP dedicates themselves to the work of advocacy on behalf of the many families who depend on the Park to be able to see their families and friends, and because they see the possibility of a better future for the peoples of both Mexico and the United States. Challenges Permits - It will be difficult to get the appropriate permits to install the whisper dishes. There will beed to be communication with the Californian government as well as with border officials and Border Field State Park to clear any rules or regulations we must abide by. Access - The Border Patrol may give us a hard time installing the benches in Friendship Park because of the limited staff and regulated park hours. More Advanced Engineers - A rough plan of execution has been developed by Dan Watman along with some engineering students, but needs to go to more advanced students to finalize.



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