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January 22, 2012

Phil Campbells from all over the world are (still) helping the town of Phil Campbell, Alabama through the "I'm with Phil" documentary.  See more


EVENT DATE: Jun 17, 2012

Phil Campbell


Phil and Phyllis Campbells are determined to help the tornado-devastated town of Phil Campbell, Alabama.

The tornado that struck Phil Campbell on April 27 was awesome in its size and destructive power. Its 175- mile-per-hour winds cut a path twelve miles long and half a mile wide. A hundred homes, two churches, a gas station, and a number of retail stores were utterly destroyed, and more than 26 people were killed.

Phil Campbells visited Phil Campbell, Alabama on June 17-18, 2011, the dates for the town’s 100th anniversary celebration, which the town resolutely held. We Phil Campbells – from Juneau, Alaska, to Bowral, Australia -- showed our solidarity with the town and lent a hand with volunteer work clean-up and a fundraiser for Habitat for Humanity.

But that’s not enough. We think we can still help the town. The thing about tragedies like a tornado is that, after the media attention has died down, people often still need help, years afterward.

We are collaborating with Andrew Reed, a filmmaker from Phil Campbell, to present a documentary on the “I’m with Phil” campaign. We hope to use this documentary to help  awareness and to raise more money.

Our fundraising efforts have shifted to other needs for the town. Some locals have started their own 501c3 that addresses a wide variety of needs. We’re asking for your support in the town's grassroots efforts to help themselves. Your donation will go to the "Franklin County YES foundation dba Citizens for Phil Campbell," and it will go toward a variety of rebuilding projects, from re-greening the town to hiring an outside consultant to provide the town with economic advice.

What do you get in return for your donation? Some pretty great stuff!

A $10 donation made after January 2nd, 2012, gets you in the raffle to win an extremely unique piece of furniture as made by Southern craftsman Robin Wade of . Robin took a tornado-damaged tree from Phil Campbell, Alabama, and is carving a table out of the tree. This table, when finished, would fetch as much as $5,000 on the open market. Check out his site – his work is AMAZING…Every $10 donation equals one raffle ticket, so $100 in donations would be worth 10 raffle tickets.

A $50 donation, plus shipping, gets you an "I’m with Phil" campaign t-shirt - we are OUT of XLs for now, unfortunately. If you want the shirt you MUST send me a separate email ( to confirm.

A $100 donation will get you a copy of the “I’m with Phil” documentary that results from this campaign (plus shipping). If you want the doc you MUST send me a separate email ( to confirm.

You don’t need to be a Phil Campbell to help Phil Campbell. Please help out this town by giving whatever you can.

However good our intentions, the Phil Campbells of the world cannot do it alone. Nor can the town, with its limited resources. We need you to join our growing movement to help the town of Phil Campbell, Alabama. Please check out the “I’m with Phil” documentary when it’s available, and please help out by giving.

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