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Nancy Sinclair's Fundraiser:

In Memory of Sally Bonilla

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BENEFITING: American Red Cross

Nancy Sinclair


Our Mom was diagnosed with MDS (Myelodysplastic Syndrome) in March of 2016. This was a very aggressive form of blood cancer or simply put, pre-leukemia. Mom received many units of red blood cells and platelets while she fought for her life before the Lord took her home on September 5, 2016. We are very thankful to the American Red Cross and those that donate of themselves for others.


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Edgar Rolando Almazan

Edgar Rolando Almazan


I wanted to write something… to put into words… to express somehow… my deep respect and gratitude for Sally. I know Manuel, my now deceased younger brother, would pen these very same words as a tribute to Sally, too. As a young teenaged boy Sally impacted my life and probably never really knew. If any of you know teenage boys, that isn’t an easy thing to do. There was something about her that was different from anyone else I’d ever encountered. Maybe you felt the same way too? Getting to know Sally meant getting to know the REAL Jesus – the true Savior – the Redeemer the Bible spoke about. Sally exhibited love , joy, and extreme gentleness. No matter who walked through the doors of her home, we were welcomed. The scents that filled her home with enticing food smells invited us in the door, but it was Sally who made us want to stay. I didn’t know that kind of love in any other person. Sally was Jesus with skin standing over a stove cooking my favorite meals. Sally was Jesus accepting me - a misplaced, mixed up, wandering teenaged boy. Sally was Jesus opening her home, her heart, her joy to anyone who wanted it. Her influence on my life opened the gates of eternity for me and gave me the desire to walk in the light of Jesus Christ. In life, people come in and out of our lives. As we move and grow, distance comes between us and sometimes, people are forgotten; but not Sally. Her imprint on my life is real and will always remain. I am grateful to have known her and for her willingness to know me. Rolando (Manuel,too) 2 years ago




With love for Sally and gratitude to the Red Cross for their work. 2 years ago