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In Memory of SPC. Andrew Roughton

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EVENT DATE: Jan 28, 2017

H Campolo


NGORLI INC wrote -

My name is SSG Raymond Amezado, the president of Ngorli Organization, a 501c3 nonprofit organization that promotes education for the underprivileged. I am also a soldier in the US army, did 8 years active duty time and currently in the army reserve.

In July of 2009, I lost FOUR of my friends in Afghanistan, it was a terrible day for me simply because I have history with all 4 of them. After the incident I was supposed to be the leader for that team. I couldn’t do it merely because they were too great and psychologically I couldn’t cope with it.

I have convinced the board members of Ngorli Organization (an organization in which I am the president) to allow me to name projects after these Four American Heroes. Our mission is to promote education for the underprivillaged. My request was granted. I have finished my first project by completing and naming a Computer Laboratory after SGT. Gregory Owens Jr., one of my four friends as in the youtube video.

My next project is a community library in my town of Kissehman-Accra, Ghana, this project I want to name after SPC Andrew Roughton. This project is very special to my heart so please allow me to explain why I want to build the library and name this PARTICULAR library after SPC Roughton.

This Is My Story

I met SPC Roughton when I first joined the US army at Fort Sill, Ok in the cold month of January 2007, I was confused and just following everybody. I was confused because it was cold being that I am from Africa and nobody could understand my accent nor could I get their accent because I had only been in America for 2 months and some change.

He walked up to me and say hi my friend are you ok and I said I am cold and confused, hearing my accent he asked where I was from and I told him Ghana, Africa. Since then he took great care of me, he learned to understand my accent and explained things to me because I didn’t understand most of the things that were going on. He was my linguist, which helped a lot because I was promoted at end of our basic training.

I was his “Black Brother” from another mother, he said. I know that he was true to these words because he took great care of me till his last day on earth. He took me and his wife to Red lobster when he received his first bonus in the army and that was my first time in Reb lobster and first time going to a restaurant to eat dinner in the United State of America.

As faith had it we end up together in a Unit at Fort Drum NY and again with the same Headquarters Battery or Company during our deployment though we were not supposed to on both occasions. He took me home when I was home sick because my family was in Ghana Africa. We were young and made a lot of stupid mistakes together but he came to rescue me when I needed it on many occasions.

In Afghanistan, I was going through a lot because that was my first deployment, and I was taken from my parent battery or company and he was right there to save me through it all. I talked to him every day till his last day.

This Library that I am going to name after him means a lot to me because I grew up in a town called Kissehman and as a child I never went to the library because there were none and I didn’t own a story book. Although the Kissehman community is over 90 years old, it can’t boast of a library with the exception with one that the Ngorli Organization built  which can only accommodate 25 children.

I would like to end that curse with a library that can serve the entire Kissehman community and the other five surrounding communities. This project is very keen to me and my community and I want to cement the name of SPC Andrews Roughton on it.

I am who I am today because of the warm reception I got from people like Roughton, he thought me charity and I want his name and story to remain in the memories of my community back home.

Benefit of the library

Over 10,000 children from 6 different towns will benefit from this library.

Break the over 90 years of curse of no library in my community.

Children will acquire knowledge to develop their nation in the future and don’t have to worry about coming to United State of America or Europe like me and the many immigrants from Africa.

The children want to read and they need to read, it will be a safe house for them.

Finally it will be named after a hero who thought me charity through his kindness.

I love you my “White Brother” from another mother.

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