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Susan Cannon wrote -

"Another holiday season comes to an end and Americans certainly enjoyed the celebration!

935 - The average dollar amount American individuals spent on Christmas last year

22 - The number, in MILLIONS, of turkeys eaten at Christmas dinner

3.7 - The number, in MILLIONS, of smart phones activated over Christmas weekend
It’s no secret that America has something to lose. Whether it is pounds or a focus on material possessions, we could all do without something in 2012.

When my son came to me with the astronomical number of smart phone activations he quickly said, “What if each person who activated a phone gave up one dollar to India Partners?”

What if?

This year, as you consider your annual New Year’s resolutions, what if you consider your loss as a potential for someone else to gain?

27 - The percentage of Americans actively on a diet
What if for every pound you vow to lose, you gave $1 to our Hungry Child Project? Over 26,000 meals are served to starving children in India each year.

993,160 - The number of children under 18 working in Indian brothels
What if you gave up your change jar to make some real change and protect a child from the horrors of human trafficking? $3.62 provides one night of shelter in a safe house well outside the red-light districts. Watch Now.

21 - The percentage of all communicable diseases related to unsafe drinking water in India
What if you gave up one latte a week to cure several children from stomach worms caused by consuming unsafe water? Just 35 cents will provide de-worming medicines to a child, improving their health and life expectancy.

What if, when you look back at 2012, you could see how your small sacrifices provided food, safety, health and hope to people across India?

Wishing you a glorious 2012!

Protect 1 child for 1 night in a safe house outside the red-light districts for $3.62 (Click donate now and select “Anti-Human Trafficking” from the drop-down menu.)

Heal 30 children from stomach worms with de-worming medicines for $10.50 (Click donate now and select “De-Worming Medicines” from the drop-down menu.)

Give 1 child a daily meal for 1 month for $15 (Click donate now and select “Hungry Child Project” from the drop-down menu.)" - Katy Fielder

The Team: $2,410 TOTAL RAISED SO FAR

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