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Indigenous People Foundation Inc

Indigenous People Foundation Inc
CROWDRISE : Jul 22, 2017
Tax ID: 45-5069366
BASED: Gig Harbor, WA, United States


Indigenous People Foundation...

Building a better world

The volunteers and supporters of the Indigenous Peoples Foundation, Inc.  work to implement programs and activities that help individuals and families develop the education, skills and strategies to fight the effects of poverty. They help them find long-term solutions that not only assist them now, but  sustain them in the future. Like poverty, success can be learned and passed from one generation to the next.

To serve and empower the Indigenous Peoples of the world to help them develop environmentally sound and self-sustaining agricultural, financial, education and business systems.

To serve Indigenous Peoples by helping them educate themselves and ensure that they have access to primary and secondary schools, and technically specialized schools, as well as educational classes, workshops, booklets, manuals and other specialized materials.

To serve Indigenous Peoples through economic systems education, entrepreneur training, business development classes and practical hands on learning opportunities.

To serve Indigenous Peoples by providing the latest and best available environmentally green and self-sustaining agricultural educational resources.

To help establish locally controlled financial systems relevant to the culture and needs of the local communities, and owned by Indigenous Peoples.

To identify and help Indigenous Peoples develop infrastructure and community technology that will serve their needs, such as roads, irrigation systems, potable water source development, waste and recycling systems, power generation and distribution, communication systems, schools, orphanages, senior care centers and health clinics.

Tax ID: 45-5069366 •


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