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In dire need, with no one to turn one cares for me.

Organized by: Krystina Brown

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Hello All, As the title says, I come before you with nowhere to turn. My pride is bruising while I type this and I deserve no pity, but I'm utterly and entirely without any other option besides this feeble petition. I have been unemployed for two months now. I have gotten by just barely, but now I am utterly destitute. I did not have means to pay rent for the month of January, and now it is halfway through February and I still don't have a dime to give. I have been formally evicted and I went to the hearing last Wednesday. Although I pleaded my case the best and most earnest way I could to the judge, he ruled in favor of the apartments. I filed an appeal with an Affidavit of Inability to Pay, but because my eviction was because of Non-payment, I am required to deposit one month of rent to the Justice of Peace office by tomorrow or my case is automatically dismissed and I will be forcibly removed. Some of you may know that I do not have any family here and I have not spoken to them in 15 years, nor do I have many friends. Very few in fact. The ones that I do have are barely making ends meet themselves and cannot help. In December I foolishly took out three payday loans to cover that month's rent, because I was already in financial distress at that point, and I had no one to turn to in my time of need. This has destroyed what little credit I'd managed to achieve in my meager life. I have tried to obtain a Surety Bond for my appeal to satisfy my court ordered obligation, but said poor credit and lack of any assets as collateral, I have been denied over and over again. I've pawned everything of value that I possessed to feed myself and my pets, and that well has run dry as well. Maybe some of you also know that I have been struggling with almost debilitating depression and anxiety for two years now. I have not been able to visit my psychiatrist or fill my medications, and my mental state has deteriorated and continues to deteriorate by the hour it seems. When I am removed from my home, I will have nowhere to store my belongings. I do not have a cent to my name to rent a storage facility. I do not have anyone who can look after my pets, the only two living beings I feel that still have love and compassion for me and who have been the only things that keeps me from giving up entirely. I do not have anywhere to place my head at night, besides the outdoors. Even homeless shelters charge you $10 a day to stay, and I pathetically do not even have that to spare. I don't know what to do or how I will survive on the street. I have no transportation to live in temporarily either. I have applied for any and all government funding and charity that is available to the indigent, but they prioritize families and those already homeless above little old me, and I received nothing. Even Section 8 housing has a waiting list that has been full and closed since 2011. I'm utterly helpless. It is why I humbly come to you all, despite the horrifying embarrassment that I am experiencing right now typing these shameful things to you. I need help in this, the lowest point in my 32 years on this planet. I am respectfully and modestly appealing to you all for a loan, which will be a notarized legal document of my promise to repay the amount plus interests to be determined. I am fully aware of the risk you will take in doing so, and it will not hurt my feelings if you decline. Below I will itemize the things I shall use said loan(s): List of Financial Urgency** Rent for the months of February and March - $2300.00 Water/Electricity/Trash Service for both months - $340.00 Cell Phone Bill (this month plus past due) - $475.00 Internet Service (two months) - $200.00 Groceries and Pet supplies (two months) - $200.00 Transportation (discounted Dart pass 1 month) - $40.00 New Hard Drive for my Laptop (for job searching) - $80.00 Bank Account Overdrawn amount - $450.00 Bankruptcy Lawyer and Filing Fees - $600.00 [estimated] Total Amount - $4,685.00 **You will be provided any receipts, invoices, or bills to validate these amounts I realized this is a great deal of money to ask of anyone, and I apologize. I simply have nowhere else to turn, besides the mean streets or under a bridge. (Filing for bankruptcy is my only option to stay my impending eviction and give me more time to find another residence, with hope that I can deposit what is required of me tomorrow.) I have been applying to and interviewing for many jobs. I have had several second and even third interviews, but when the final decision is to be offered to me I do believe that my credit history is discouraging employers. I have a second interview on Monday, which I am desperate to get to, and to receive an offer, but my spirits are low and my outlook is dismal. I also must take the bus to the office, which I have no funds for right now. I have been riding the train illegally, without being caught, but I fear that my luck has worn very thin now. My cell phone is also shut off, which has already cost me many inquiries for companies at which I have applied. I do still have my internet service, but it is not long off that that too will be disconnected barring me from finding anything at all... Right now I only have my cell phone and WiFi with which to edit my resume, respond to potential employers, take skill level testing, etc and it is painstaking to say the least. Hence the need for a new hard drive to install in my laptop. The current HD crashed, much to my dismay and tear-shed. With that I will end this sob-fest. This pathetic plea for compassion. I leave you with only my word and my womanly honor to do everything it takes to return to you anything you might generously find in your heart to donate. I hope everything in your lives are well and wonderful. Thank you for listening to me, and I hope to hear from you...any of you...please? Sincerely, Krysti


Organized by

Krystina Brown

This is a direct to organizer fundraiser.

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