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owner profile imageAfter Losing Their Home To Fire, A Mission Family Struggles To Start Over In The Tenderloin
July 13, 2017

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 On November 8th, 2016 a three-alarm fire broke out at Mission tire shop Rolling Stock, located at 2860 16th St.  By 8am, the roof of the tire shop had collapsed, and the fire quickly spread to the adjacent six-unit building. This building was home to Carolina Gongora, her husband Carlos Mis, and her two children, Carlo and Carolay.   

"We are never going to forget that day; it's so hard," says Gongora. "It was terrible—it's something you never think is going to happen.""I had our two kids put on their shoes and light jackets," says Gongora. "I didn't take anything, just my phone to call 911. I never thought anything was going to happen ... I just thought the fire was coming, and the [fire department] was going to take care of everything, and that we were going to come back to our home."  This unfortunetly was not the case-- the family lost everything!

Now over a year later, the Gongora family is slowly rebuilding their lives in the Tenderloin.  While not physically far from where they previously resided, the change has been anything but voluntary and they find themselves on new, unfamiliar turf.  Additionally, after months of seeking housing assistancet from various non profit organizations, the support came in the form of a small studio apartment, barely big enough to accomodate their family. 

While the Gongora family is forever grateful, optimistic and soon on their way to bigger and better things (they were awarded a three bedroom apartment in the Tenderloin through the housing lottery), getting here hasn't been easy.

The Gongora's truly are the kindest family IHDC has ever had the pleasure of working with.  Fighting back tears, I could see the despair in Carolina's eyes as she told her story to me.  At this time, IHDC is committed to helping them rebuild their new home in the form of monetary donations.  This money will help them to purchase new things that they need to replace all that was lost.  

As a small organization, we can only do so much.  We are hoping that you can help us on our mission!!!!

IHDC apprecaites all of your help.   




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