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Inessa is waiting for our help‼‼

Inessa is waiting for our help‼‼ Photo
Inessa is waiting for our help‼‼ Photo
Inessa is waiting for our help‼‼ Photo

The Story

EVENT DATE: Jan 27, 2017

We are in urgent gathering on the 2nd the rehabilitation course in International clinic of Professor V. I. Kozyavkin, Truskovets, Ukraine

Friends, we need your help and support for the little girl Inessa from Belarus. 
Her life had many trials and difficulties. Changing diagnosis, the years went by, endless rehabilitation in Belarus..... Cervical injury at 4 months is not detected in a timely manner, improper treatment turned to Inessa in her body .... Having tried various treatment options in August, I 2016  with Inessa went for treatment in the International clinic of Professor V. I. Kozyavkin in Truskovets, Ukraine. At the end of the course she began to sit in Turkish and crawled relying on the hands a few inches! Still not very confident, but it is a success. And that's just for 11 days of rehab. It is very important to be treated in regular courses.
Doctors recommended to undergo a course of 1 treatment every 3-4 months. The next course of treatment was planned for December ( at 12.12 24.12.). Unfortunately, we are unable to collect the necessary sum and term of treatment we had to reschedule for January 2017.
Friends, don't leave Inessa alone with the disease. She very desperately need the help of every caring heart to reach your goals, new umelec.
We go through phases – our primary task now is to learn to sit and crawl on all fours. 
At present, according to repeated computed tomography in February 2016 necromania bone appendages in the cervical region began to coalesce! 
It is very important to close the collect!Your help is desperately needed.
Without you we all can't handle. 
Thank you to all who are near and helps. 
Any contribution is priceless.