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Infinite Family

Infinite Family
CROWDRISE : Jun 28, 2010
Tax ID: 06-1533274
BASED: Yonkers, NY, United States


Infinite Family

Our Mission

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Infinite Family inspires and motivates teens and pre-teens with very limited resources or support networks in South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa, enabling them to build the confidence, skills and global perspective that promote success. We are dedicated to providing long-term impact, using weekly video conversations to establish enduring relationships between adult mentors and vulnerable teens.

Adult mentors receive training and commit to spending at least a half hour each week for one year, talking face-to-face with their Net Buddies in a secure online environment, where they do homework, learn about career options and share their lives. The support of adult mentors can transform young people in Sub-Saharan Africa into fully contributing members of their country's sustainable, developing society.

Tax ID: 06-1533274 •


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