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Ingrid Conner

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June 03, 2011

Ingrid Conners can make a difference lets help her to get there together,  See more


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Raising funds for Ingrid Conner. Ingrid is actively coresponding with the Nevada State legislaters on many topics. among them is focused on the funding and slashing of funding for the Nevada State Clark County and surrounding areas school system. I have heard Ingrid only minimuly on her views and in the short time I spoke to her I relized she is someone who cares deeply and is willing to speak out to defend and secure the needs of our students. I believe Ingrid could if given the chance make a real difference. The comitee in carson city has recently written Ingrid Conners an invitittion to speak in person to them about these issues that she personnaly feels so strongly about.. Unfortunatley Ingrid recently has been Diagnosed with a tumor in her spine and in her brain. As we all know that even with insurace Hospital bills can be crippling to ones lifestyle and pocketbook. Having said that Ingrid is unable to financially support this much awaited opportunity to attend this Meeting in Carson City. I know Ingrid and her Family for 5 years or so , Ingrid is married to a character of all characters Jim Conners who is phisiclay challenged himself due to many different accidental situations he has been involved in. Ingrid has a beautiful darling little daughter named Margret Marina Conner Maggie for short. Maggie is a very well behaved young honors student with a 3.5 grade average. Maggie is smart beyond her years and I believe that this is a woman who will carry on her mothers Legacy which is no doubtly a hard act to follow. Ingrid and her husband have raised 4 unfortunate young men as there own unselfishly for many years even into there adult lives They are still treated as family and loved 100. percent as if each one she herself had given birth to. I know that Ingrid cares about people about our comunitee as well as unselfishly giving of herself to any cause she can give of herself too. She is just that kind of woman. Ingrids most preshious cause I believe is her Daughter showing her a good example and teaching her to be strong and self assured In my opinion she has done well. So after speaking with Ingrid personnaly I relized this would be an opportunity she could share with her daughter showing her to speak up for whats right giving her an example to remeber her mother as a strong great woman that really made a difference. What a tough act to fallow but what a great structure to work from, I am hoping to raise enough monies to allow Ingrid the opportunity to stand up and make a difference for our students in Nevada Schools as well as impressing in Maggie what really matters to them in life and that is sharing caring speaking out and making a difference unselfishly. If you believe that this a a worthy cause as strongly as we do then please donate ttoday so Ingrid can keep making a difference.  lets us make a difference together . I know we can do it .



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