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Injuried in the line of duty

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This past April we welcome my youngest son into world we knew money would be tight with the wife taking off the first six weeks so we save to prepare for that and I picked up extra shifts to make ends meet. All was going well until the 19 of June when I was involved in a wreck suffered a concussion C5-C6 herniation and torn rotator cuff. I filed my worker comp first report and that is where things started going wrong they ask who my primary Dr. And by chance it was my employers comp Dr. My case manager immediately denied me seeing him and set me up with their ortho Dr. who began by giving me a shot in my rotator cuff. Then sent me to see a neuro surgeon who said I didn't have severe enough injury to require surgery. Thank God for that but he did tell me I had whiplash and a rotator cuff tear. On return to my ortho Dr still having limited range of motion and severe pain down my arm. Long story short they chose to do nothing. And I was released from his care. Now I am left to find my own Surgeon and pay for it out of pocket. And I simply can not afford that. Of course I hired a laywer and they have pretty much told me until I can get another Dr to give a second opinion and recommend the Surgery I need there is nothing they can do. So I am here to ask of you to donate whatever you can afford the estimated cost is 35,000 plus I will be off work for approximately 12 weeks. I do this as a last resort and humbly ask for your good favor in assisting me to return to fully support my family thank you for your time and donation. God Bless you all



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Jeff is working on selecting a charity so you can support Injuried in the line of duty.