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Inked for Peace - Promoting Peace through Body Art

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I am a 10 year US Air Force veteran turned pacifist who has unofficially started an international nonprofit called Inked for Peace. I know, I know...tattoos and peace...a nonprofit. Say what??

Check it out, hundreds of tattooists are already volunteering their time and talents to individuals who recognize the power of tattoos to outwardly showcase overcoming a traumatic event and achieving inner peace. Hop on Facebook and you're bound to come across a story about a semicolon tattoo. In fact, you can go to and see the story of a young woman in New Zealand who proudly wears an Inked for Peace tat that signifies her courage after years-and-years of bullying, which a very talented tattoo artist nearby her felt warranted giving 5 hours of his time to do with no guarantee of compensation.

This kind of thing is happening on the regular, but it's a small trend that is likely to die without the appropriate stimulation. Enter Inked for Peace, an organization that facilitates the growth of a vibrant community focused on shared experiences, but rather than gather around painful memories, members are able to share and care for one another centered on peace-inspiring tattoos. In less than two months, over 10K people across the English-speaking world demonstrated they wanted to be a part of this innovative revolution and I could walk into any parlor in the world and persuade them to join the cause. So how ‘bout you? Want to be a part of the next global trend in the promotion of peace?

With only $250K in startup capital, Inked for Peace can ensure: 1) anyone and everyone can declare their commitment to peace via body art, 2) the tattooists involved are graciously thanked for their altruism, and 3) the world has a shining example of world peace. Please feel free to contact our founder directly at 808-226-7231 for more information. He'd love to hear from you.

The Gainesville Chapter of Veterans for Peace has been selected as a placeholder.  They are not as of yet associated with this campaign.



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