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Ink Slinger Short film addresses the growing problem of teens on Psycho-meds

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UPDATE! We have been selected and programed into our first prestigious Festival! We would love to drop names but rules preclude us from mentioning which one until they officially announce. We are very excited about the future of INK SLINGER and the positive impact it can have. They wrote ..."it's the caliber of work we want programmed into our festival"...

We have invested about $800 in festival submissions to date and we should be hearing if we have been programmed into more of them through August.

Sara, Exec Producer

Our Project

Sara, Michele and Sean are sisters that have produced this story in an exciting way without being "preachy" about a troubling trend among teens today. This is our interpretation of the dangers that psych drugs can bring out in our youth.

Not your typical PSA, INK SLINGER is a creative glimpse into the life of teenager on anti-depressants when the side effects out weight any perceived benefits. It's our goal to raise social awareness among adults through this story to seek alternatives to the over diagnosis and prescription of these questionable drugs.

Alice is a young teen who descends into the abyss of her subconscious fueled by the harmful side effects of Psycho-Pharmaceutical drugs. INK SLINGER follows Alice on the evening she is finally overcome by the debilitating effects these medications can have on the mind.

As young adults we are very concerned about the over medication of our piers that deal with depression, anxiety and other challenges growing up. Many teens that avoid the trap of self-medicating through illegal drugs end up falling victim to their own doctor’s medicine cabinet. Since TRUE HOPE, PEACE and JOY have never been found in a substance we took it upon ourselves to raise awareness through the medium of story about the negative side effects these legal medications have.

It’s our hope, that through the creative use of story we can make adults more aware of the risks these drugs pose to their children.

Where we are at now

We've done the heavy lifting of production and are seeking help with finishing funds to make this the best short film it can be. The funds will go towards the music composition, color correction and other post details, but most importantly submitting to as many festivals as possible. Unknown to most, festivals charge submission entry fees from anywhere between $30 to $90 just to be looked at prior to even being accepted into the festival and the HDCAM dubs that run up to $160 for screening if admitted. We will also be producing subtitled versions as funds permit for submissions in other countries.

The Real Problem

The National Center for Health Statistics says that 5% of American 12- to 19-yearolds use antidepressants, about 1 million teenagers. Usage often becomes long term and not all are well supervised. The National Center for Health Statistics states that fewer than a third of patients of all ages taking antidepressants have seen a mental-health professional within the past year.
Our society is living in a world that thinks medication can fix anything, just go see your family doctor and all will be well. However, maybe that’s not the case. In our research, we found that the medication might just be making everything worse. Kids that have had suicidal thoughts or tendencies are put on medication to subdue these thoughts, only to then go through with their suicide attempt and sometimes succeed, or they mass murder a group of people and then themselves. The medication even states that suicidal thoughts may occur. The kids that are taken off medication at the first signs of a negative behavioral change and are treated instead with counseling, are found to do much better in the long term.
Suicide isn’t the only side effect either, violence towards others, shrinkage of the brain, increased blood sugar, diabetes, and obesity are among other side effects that anti-depressant and anti-psychotic drugs can produce. According to the Citizens Commission on Human Rights International, at least 14 recent shootings at schools have been committed by someone taking or withdrawing from psychiatric drugs.
Challenges ahead

All the most difficult issues of production are behind us. We are currently in post doing Foley, sound design and composing. Our composer is on board now and the picture editing is locked. We have many various industry people at our disposal should we hit any technical problems along the way. We have begun to submit to some of the festivals who's deadlines are in the next month. Our biggest challenge is getting accepted and programed into the festivals for it to be seen by the adult audiences on a large screen for which it was created. Our hope is to get accepted into the larger well known festivals that can bring more notoriety and publicity should our short story gain attention.
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Other Ways You Can Help

We know everyone can’t contribute, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help:

As this is all about awareness, if you can get the word out and make some noise about our campaign, that in itself is highly valuable to everyone!



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