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Polio, can we ever eradicate it?

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August 08, 2010

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Polio is no longer a killer, many of the sufferers of this disease in our world go un-noticed; their limbs a bit twisted, one side of their face a bit off like a stroke victims, their gait a bit stiff but in the developing world it is still a terrible disease in parts of Africa and South-East 1988 the Global effort to eradicate this disease began, it continues today...

Curiously also, in 1988 the man who inspired my love of history and, ultimately awoke in my the passion to write, Mr Bernard Butt my history teacher what was then TP Riley Community School in Bloxwich, West Midlands, UK died a hero to ensure all of the children (except one RIP Vivienne Barley) got off safely. The after effects of his childhood survival of Polio made his own escape impossible.

Bernard inspired my continuing love of history with his irreverent and often crazy style of teaching; he would mime cricket matches; playing both bowler and batsman at the front of the class while we studied (he was Australian and cricket is, of course, in the blood!) and make learning fun and memorable; he changed my life. My love of writing and passion to share knowledge, even my decision to dabble in teaching are ultimately due to him.

So it is fitting, to my mind that the passion to write which he inspired is used to aid those suffer still from the disease which ultimately led to his death, albeit as a hero in his case. I am putting together a book of poetry and, over the next week, a collection of my short stories on; I am in negociations with Lulu about the pricing and the cut as I am going to donate every penny I would normally take as author, from each and every sale, to Polio research......



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