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Inner City Entrepreneur Institute

The mission of the Inner City Entrepreneur (ICE) Institute is to start rebuilding Louisiana’s inner city economies (beginning with Shreveport/Bossier City) through entrepreneurial education and business investment, fostering a healthier inner city economy to create new jobs, increase income and wealth, and economic opportunities for inner city residents. ICE’s youth mission is to create a new crop of entrepreneurs for perpetuity. Tax ID 72-1418314


Since ICE’s inception in 1998, it has been quietly structuring long term redevelopment strategies to transform the inner city once again into a center of commerce and residential development by implementing changes in governmental public policy and encouraging public-private initiatives that support investments, innovations, and educational growth. To help spur urban economic redevelopment, ICE has offered and proposed many government policy changes at the city and state levels. Finally, the ICE Institute is very proud of its work to provide internationally recognized, cutting edge entrepreneurship education, life-skills, and leadership training for today’s at-risk youth.