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Innocence,Happiness and Freedom.

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I want to say thank you for trust in me and help me out in this situation.
Well I'm not sure where I can start but here I go.

Well my days in my country were so perfect and having a good life and a blessing life too,I almost became a pastor.
I came here on feb. 2002 working without papers illegally but making money until 2005, when I got married and had my first daughter. Then i got "my papers" just social security. then I get legal but when i when to my immigration interview i didn't have pay stubs because i was working under the table and my lawyer screwed me over because he forgot to show my mothers affidavit you know, So after that i was saying i will do it as soon i get paid or save some money and never did it till today's date. I been selfish and that's why I never did it and I was making good money doing construction here in pennsylvania, even my wife was careless with this matter.
Well not to get you to tired, i never did anything wrong for 10 years in this country because I promised myself I would see my daughters grow up and be next to them all the time.
Well with my wife things didn't work so good and then I met my fiancee kayla she's an angel and now together we will have our second child I know its an age difference but I found the love and we doing good so far. We already passed for an investigation and case was unfounded and closed because I never did nothing wrong or I am not a Sexual offender or anything like that you know what I mean.
Remember when the economy when down to the floor i had to close my first business "the landscaping design" a landscaping business here, jersey and new york I still have some proof from that but I never quit my job "allstate traffic control of Pa" working until 2010 I have all my taxes and proof and more stuff if you need it. As soon as i split with my wife I opened my business "Pb transporation" just taking calls to airports and back in the 2011 I did it more often picking people in their houses and dropping off in their houses in New York city, having 3 daily schedules and paying my driver including myself plus secretary's, And still doing my traffic control in the side just for get more money in unemployment.
for this year I was thinking to get back at 100% to my old job and save some money for our wedding with kayla after my divorce comes through.
So far its been clean money paying my taxes like a regular citizen and having a small business without paying to much in taxes because I didn't want it .I know I'm stupid I shouldn't did that.
Kayla's been going with me since she was pregnant to new york till the baby born because this is to much for the baby.
well this year I start selling my vans( I can go to craiglist and show this vans for sale) and not taking to many calls and giving my passengers to "jose express Inc" same business in wilkes barre Pa. I start working in my old job but i was kind of short of money and then doing trips to new york just for keep all my bills paid and rent and also daily spences....
The day this matter happened I went to work half a Day because it started to rain so I called my girlfriend and I told her My idea to make my last trip to new york and get some money and be ok that week till I get paid on friday, this is my affidavit read carefully We got a call from Davon Macllister 1-347- 200- 2756 from 332 sherman hills wilkes barre Pa 18702 ( housing buildings) This person made a reservation for 4 people to go to NYC, So I was thinking to send one of my driver but i forgot i need money so I decide to go and take care of this and take my car instead get a van you know less passengers small car and more money for me( by the way I'm the best costumer of Enterprise rental car ) so I went to this address and 3 people cancel and I can't cancel the trip it was to late, I was already there picking these people up So I call my kayla and I tell her get the baby ready and yourself ready because we going to new york eat some seafood food. (All this time I been taking care of my costumers don't find out where I live because in a full trip i make more than $700 back and forward and friday,saturday,sunday, and monday night are busy full vans and more money).
So I pick my fiancee Kayla and my daughter with my costumer and I didn't mind chris see where I live because we were planning to move to a big house by the end of may and be ready for bbq's, party's, family to come over in the weekend and have a nice summer time with my older daughter and sophia too. This guy been saying his name is chris and 646 number,I when thru my records and this people been traveling with us not to often I got the proof of this too. Well that day he told me his name wasn't chris and pease call him brist ok we travel to new york ok with out no problem and drop him off in some projects located in webster avenue by 168st then we leave, me, sophia and kayla when to eat to 184th street and saint nicholas in manhattan (washington heights) "Marisco Centro" then before we left new york we stop at the bodega like usually to get drinks and sandwich for eat at home watching any movie. As soon i walk out from the bodega this guy call the business ( we all the time we get call forwarding to our cell phones) He said I will paid you the double and take care you if you come get me first I thought about it but double pay is not to bad you know. We went to get him around 7pm, because I was trying to leave with the rush hour but was to much traffic and we didn't make it , when this guy get in the car he brings a shopping bag ( i tought he went shopping) and put it between his legs in the passenger seat and usually like niggas are smelling like weed and dirty clothes like always (nasty people with no manners). He said he was tired and want sleep cause he smoked a bluntor whatever. by 8pm we were on the bridge using the upper level then entering to new jersey I saw a cop I slow down cause I remember I got a suspended license in jersey because speeding ticket in parsippany.(I'm been getting speeding tickets and driving with suspended license because I always said I will paid it tomorrow I can get proof of all that too) not even 5 minutes later I got the cop behind me and he stop me over he asked me for my license I lie to him I said I forgot it because my suspended license means bench warrant and my girlfriend doesn't have a driver license and I don't know this guy for give my baby's and my car to him you know he's a stranger. The cop ask me to come outside the car and he ask me, my name I said Pedro cruz Because that's my second last name but my lawyer eliminate back in 2005 date of birth I was so nervous I don't know what to do, then I'm freezing outside the car more cops come through and one when to the car pointing the gun to my girl in the back seat, and this guy in the front seat acting suspicious that's what my girlfriend said then i have this officer asking me to search the car or he will seized so I told him Do what you have to do any way you got me here already handcuffed, he was so rude all the time then more cops came through and i was more scared because i have my family in the car and I don't know whats going to happen, later this guy is out of the car and the cops searching and find he's shopping bag underneath of his seat. So he get handcuffs too while my baby still in the car then a police SUV come and get my girl's and take them away I was scared and this guy was so quiet they didn't even read my rights at that moment. they didn't read my rights untill we got to the police station so in there everybody was in different room and I was the first one without asking questions or get my affidavit ( I explain to the cops about my business and i was trying to show you my business bank card and business bank card too but he didn't let me). So they was calling "yo" I curse them out because I got a name and my name is Pedro Bueso like my license said because my license was in my wallet, I still remember one detective farting in my face next to me He got me so pissed off And i told him to stop doing that because he was going to push me to the limit and fart back to him and curse him ... i Did it with the worst stinky far in my life Lol... karma is a bitch :) Later on i was in the room calling dirty names because my baby's and not even that i was listening to sophia crying all night long because they didn't want to give her milk they was so mean to us and bad officers too.
I have to make a show to them just to get a phone call I call my boss to let him know I was lock up and I cant go back to work next day and pick up my co-workers , sorry boss.
Next day see the judge and give me $20,000 bail with the 10 % oh my god I start to cry and hate this "nigga" . I can't even get numbers from my phone to call my family.
well I spend 14 days in county jail losing more than 25 pounds and this nigga get bail out in 2 days. You think this is being fair for me? not at all I'm still pissed off. Then I got a immigration hold because my status and get a lawyer Andrew L. Friedman 212 242 5903 and proved myself and the immigration judge I was not a danger for the community waiting for 3 weeks to see the judge and proved myself i'm not a DRUG DEALER just a regular citizen who have a beautiful family and been with a clean record since i came from my country .
I came with a visa B1/B2 I got proof too.
I been doing investigations and the person who make the reservations davon macllister his mother apartment got rade it 294 coal st, Paul olivio " chris or brist " have a probation in new york city and thank to my landlord we got this people breaking in my building and my apartment the next day after I got release from immigration jail in day time. I spend 3 weeks lock up in this new place.

I will prove my innocent until my last day in this country because I'm fighting with my deportation any felony,drug charge or something related in my record about drugs they will not give my green card back, they will revoked it and send me back to Honduras when I can get killed there and be alone because all my family been in the USA all these years. These are many reasons why I need to stay in this country and in this moment my fiancee is pregnant with the second baby she is 3 months pregnant our new baby will change everything and he needs to see he's dad and I never did something bad or nothing wrong in this country.
Thank you
God bless all



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