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I'm MIEZAN JOSE INNOCENT KOUAO, I am a Director of an NGO in IVORY COAST which we called INTERNATIONAL OFFICE OF FRIENDS OF JESUS ​​CHRIST (OIAJEC) I request this fundraising for the NGO which suffers much in IVORY COAST but don"t have no one to help them. History of OIAJEC: We pride our worthy Lord Jesus Christ first in any place, any time and in any circumstance Eternally. The carrier by grace of the marvelous vision of Jesus Christ is called the Reverend Sir, SERIKPA Noyou Aphnis Carlgence. It is the Ivory Coast and of missionary evangelist profession. Lord our God drew him to his only son Jesus Christ by grace in 1990 in Abidjan, the capital of Ivory Coast. Our glorious and dignified Lord Jesus Christ revealed by him through his vision in 1995 through Chapter proverb book 8. The Lord Jesus Christ made him discover the dynamics of the creation of the churches is not the way dynamics of the mission of evangelization. After the written, vision is officially recognized on 29/04/2009. This vision is based on the global program of continuous development and ubiquitous and sustainable progress of the mission of evangelization. MARC. 16 v 15. We discover by the Holy Spirit that this operation is a treaty << >> CHRISTIAN EMERGENCY PLAN. Ez. 33; Prov. 24 v 15; Ps. 82 v 4. Its salutary commands of the Lord Jesus Christ, leads us to act otherwise, for is not that the general evangelizing mission is a slogan, but a brilliant reality daily by all Christians. For the solution of terrorism, it is developing projects of a million monies that can eradicate them, but rather the << MYSTERY JESUS ​​CHRIST. >> The solution to insecurity, social peace, racism, murder the spiritual, moral and physical, of armed robbery, drugs daily, malice shamefully legalized somewhere on earth ..., these are not of monies million invested projects, but rather the << >> MYSTERY Jesus Christ that leads to the mission of evangelization and to true transformation of hearts. For it is the inside of the heart comes evil. General objectives With OIAJEC It is justice, gathering, love, peace and group work for development in Jesus Christ our Lord. Promote global program of continuous development and sustainable progress in the general evangelizing mission of promoting peace and social heart of the individual promote mediation, forgiveness and lasting reconciliation in the world promote the high humanitarian interventions due or related scourges and evils caused by natural disasters worldwide promote health, hygiene and social health action Promoting the prevention and management of juvenile delinquency can avoid or reduce terrorism, attacks, the armed rebellion, prostitution, theft, murder of drug and alcohol promote nutrition, access to clean water and emergency support in the fight against hunger Promote widows family heads the social assistance and financing method economic social projects Promoting the family, women and children Promote the single mother by the method of social action and funding economic projects promote social support emergency sustainable poverty reduction Promoting permanent solidarity of human kind (SOS) physically disabled Truth The men of this world phenomenon called a "chance". If the existence of this phenomenon is confirmed by itself to its followers, it still will be the accursed name of a wicked spirits category demons. For the LORD of hosts in all created as a concatenation of causes convincing by our Lord Jesus Christ himself is the creative agent. They called both essential things to physical existence. This divine providence that has yet built the scientific and biblical historicity original bares book and show palpable, intelligence, wisdom, science and philosophy of mankind. Where we are now convinced that man has not been passed, does not pass and will never pass for the product of chance or the product of animal breed evolved in physical complexion, body under the weight of the ages . Demons human face of evolution, could not save, atheists, because that can not, so they do not want to. Wickedness can not save the wicked in the day of danger. This is one of the key objectives of Satan their master. We also understand why they are unveiled for love in what is written: << But you, you come here, you son of the sorceress, race of the adulterer and the prostitute! Who are you mocking? Against whom do you open a wide mouth and draw out the tongue? Are you not children of sin, a seed of falsehood? >> All atheists, atheism, their cultures lowered their souls to hell, because the gospel had been preached and truly dismantle all its forms. But the world works, deadly citations and blind disciples after lurking for them they did not expect you not churches, true knowledge and is experienced continuous development and sustainable progress of the mission of evangelization General? The real blindness of man is that of his heart and have her eyes. Medical Action Service compassion at Treichville University Hospital, Abidjan with very poor patients suffering severe dermatological tumors June 4, 2013 The NGO runs OIAJEC its proposed surgery of his poor patients very expensive dermatology tumors in Africa at the University Hospital of Treichville Abidjan Cote D'ivoire recorded by Action Medical Compassion. (AMEC) deep impractical peasant road exploration survey to access the town (farmers Axis Onibabré-Gnahio Gagnoa in the West region of the Cote D'Ivoire May 15, 2013 excruciating suffering of the villagers not practicable road victim. Axis of village Gnahio Onibabré linked to the village in Gagnoa region west of Cote D'ivoire discovered by deep exploration department of the NGO OIAJEC. deep exploration survey of lack of latrine in the heart of the city of Abidjan; Slum Kumasi Camp, Yapokro and Soweto May 15, 2013 Discovery of the miserable and shameful toilet needy populations of some neighborhood of Abidjan. In particular we cite the following areas visited by our exploration services: Kumasi Soweto neighborhood Yapokro, Camp neighborhood; Port-Bouet district Adjoufou, Agnikro Jean madness Anani, Abobo and Yopougon. deep exploration safety investigation environmental and food hygiene Abidjan. March 31, 2013 Our deep exploration Investigation Service surprises Abidjan with a status of unhealthiness that separates hygiene and public health. Diseases such as typhoid, yellow fever and malaria requires the urgent support of the NGO OIAJEC against its phenomena. deep exploration survey of lack of drinking water in the camps of Gagnoa region (village Gnahio) March 20, 2013 excruciating suffering of people deprived victim of lack of drinking water in the heart of Gagnoa in the forest west of Cote D'ivoire discovered by the deep exploration of the NGO OIAJEC service. Don latrine built the inhabitants of Yapokro March 17, 2013 deep exploration survey of NGOs on precarious open sky showers in the neighborhoods of the poor populations. The favorable reaction of the NGOs OIAJEC donating new shower building. Financing projects of women farmers in the Gagnoa region (West of the Ivory Coast) March 13, 2013 Financing completed by the NGO OIAJEC in favor of women in agricultural production and food autoficisance fighting against poverty and hunger. deep exploration survey of Coutière erosion destroy the poor district at 2 am to Gonzaga Port-Bouet commune of Abidjan. February 13, 2013 Distress and death of poor people linked to the phenomenon of coastal erosion at about 2 am on fortunes 15/07/2010-Gonzague city Port-Bouet Abidjan Cote D'ivoire. Survey of punérie deep exploration well water in slums city of Gonzaga (Adjoufou and Jean-Port-Bouet Abidjan madness) February 13, 2013 Standing water Punérie and excruciating cries of poor people and victims of diarrhea in the district town of Gonzaga, Adjoufou Jean and madness in the municipality of Port-Bouet. deep exploration survey very poor churches in Benin specifically in the commune of Klouékanmè (Lanta) September 12, 2012 Emergency support to the fight against poverty in Christian worship in Benin. recording operation shoddy construction of churches by the deep exploration Investigation Service of OIAJEC NGOs in Africa for their rehabilitation. Website: WWW.OIAJEC.ORG


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