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CROWDRISE : May 24, 2014
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Inside|Out Global

Bringing Strengths to Light


…providing opportunities for young people to tell their stories and discover their strengths through filmmaking. Teams of young people create films around stories from their own lives in a six-day video workshop. One intense week, with excitement building toward a red-carpet night, takes students on a journey of creative effort and connecting to others.


Inside|Out Global™ programs have served students from a variety of backgrounds and ethnicities. These students have created films on the topics of suicide, alcoholism, resolving family conflict, and breaking the cycle of sexual abuse.


• the healing power of truly listening to each other
• the challenge of working with a team
• the joy of focusing on strengths
• life-changing insight through viewing their stories from multiple perspectives


“It was amazing to see how I could take the skills I have at working with video and use them to really make a difference in someone’s life. I never would have imagined that I could have such a huge impact on a person’s life in such a short period of time.” -W.D. volunteer film instructor Inside|Out Metro DC




• How to use cameras, sound and lighting equipment, industry-standard editing software
• Directing, script writing, casting, location scouting, storyboarding, creating shot lists and collecting props
• Sound design and graphics (including helping design their movie posters)


In addition to the unforgettable experience of making a film, students receive a list of their talents and gifts from mentors and instructors, as well as from a strengths assessment tool.


Each student receives a certificate of completion. Their work is celebrated and presented to the public at the Gala Film Premiere. Films will be featured on the Inside|Out Global™ website and, as appropriate, entered into national/international film festivals.


Inside|Out Film Workshop graduates have access to support and encouragement from a mentor or Inside|Out team member. They will be offered follow-up activities and may be invited to participate in or assist with future Inside|Out workshops or creative projects.


Inside|Out Global™ looks for ways to continue to encourage students to not only explore their own talents but contribute their gifts toward the good of their communities and even global causes.



To empower young people to tell their stories and discover their gifts and strengths through filmmaking and the creative arts.



To see the world’s youth find, embrace and offer their unique gifts to influence and enrich their cultures.


• Truth – Relating to others with integrity and faithfully communicating timeless principles.
• Collaborative Creativity – Discovering and developing everyone’s strengths through teamwork.
• Optimism – Living in hope and confidence about the future.
• Storytelling – Affirming the value of each person’s story and the redemptive power of the story-telling process
• Cultural Relevancy – Adapting our methods to the cultures we serve


• Instruction in media arts – Professionally guiding students in an intensive state-of-the-art learning process to produce a short film in a short time frame.
• Narrative processing – Helping students tell their true stories and refocus their life perspectives.
• Strengths discovery & development – Utilizing current tools to identify student’s strengths and helping them recognize how their strengths work.
• Serving special needs – learning from and developing creative methods with the hearing impaired and persons with physical challenges
• Promoting emotional healing – Sensitivity and skill in fostering healing through the creative processes of filmmaking and other art forms


“The films that the campers created were awesome in content and emotional appeal. Each captured the viewer’s emotions, and then opened the door to soul scrutiny in a very therapeutic way. The reality of our youth is that few adults have time to listen to their stories, while most find time to watch a video. This makes the video a potent media for young people to get heard. The films they created can be great doors for discussion for any age group. I am amazed that the instructors were able to penetrate at such depth and with such tasteful integrity young people’s feeling in one brief week. – Norma Barber, MA (Howard University)


We’ve heard things like: “I’ve never had the experience of working in a group where we really had to all step up to the plate. It was a completely different
experience for me.”


Even up to two years later, participants have spoken of the experience as being influential in their lives. One of them said, “It was the first time I had done something I was proud of.” Another said, “We thought we were nobody, and we found out we were somebody.”


One student regularly contacts us, saying, “I love you. You changed my life!”


Even the video instructors and mentors have found their lives significantly impacted by the experience.

Tax ID: 45-2447968 •


InsideOut Armenia 2014

InsideOut Armenia 2014

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