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THE PLURALIST Foundation's Fundraiser:

Inspire a New Conversation

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Your help is urgently needed!

Please donate what you can to set in motion our nationwide education program. So many great canadians have already come forward to raise $ 70,000 of the required $ 120,000.  Your commitment will help us tackle an increasingly important problem.


Today: The Symbiosis of Extremism

Canada’s Muslim population has come under increasing scrutiny over several years. Today, with about half of Canadians not trusting Canadian Muslims, many poorly informed people support the growing Islamophobic voices in the US. Such Islamophobia accompanies xenophobia in fragments of Canada’s Muslim community. Between 50 and 100 young Canadian Muslims have joined ISIS.

At the heart of this symbiotic relationship between the two extremes lies the assumption that being Canadian means that one can’t be Muslim; or that being Muslim means that one can’t be Canadian. This assumption is completely false, as born out by the vast majority of the more than one million Canadian Muslims who are proud and comfortable with their identities both as Canadian and as Muslim.

Unless we take urgent action to educate people, both Canadian Muslim and Canadian non-Muslim, the two extreme poles will feed off each other to become stronger, louder and more dangerous. The middle ground, the ground of those that believe in a pluralistic society, in respect for life, in our common humanity will be eroded and battered.


Our Approach: Inspire a New Conversation

Now is the time to change the conversation. We believe this can be done through rational resonant, engaging and thought-provoking educational content that can:

  • Reinforce
    • the idea that being Canadian and Muslim are not at odds
  • Celebrate
    • Canadian Muslims and the patriotic members of this very Canadian and diverse community
  • Challenge
    • misguided stereotypes of the Canadian Muslim community for non-Muslims
  • Inspire
    • young Canadian Muslims and challenge the premises of anti-Canadian sentiment
  • Elevate
    • the conversation and amplify the reach of our messages
  • Drive
    • citizenship action and attitudinal change among ALL Canadians


Project Summary – Delivering Disruption


Phase I – Launch Video: Awareness and Recruitment

We will develop an inspirational video anthem to challenge stereotypes of Canadian Muslims within and outside of the Canadian Muslim community. This piece will educate and inspire, and be used to recruit like-minded Canadians to The Pluralist’s social channels on Facebook and Instagram.

Our launch video will appeal to the rational and human; it will be intelligent, subtle, sprightly, maintaining attention, raw, and grounded with real people. 

The content will be distributed through social media (Facebook and Instagram), search (Google), AdRoll and YouTube. It will be educate everybody but will target those who are most vulnerable to xenophobia:

  • Canadian Muslims aged 14–28
  • Canadian non-Muslims, particularly those with minimal familiarity with Muslims and Islam


Phase II – Social Communities: Engagement and Retention

Once a video has been successfully launched and our community built, it will be essential to maintain the conversation before our target audience stops listening.

While Phase I is about building a community, Phase II is about keeping an audience engaged, along with building to and connecting with a broader network through a drumbeat of visual storytelling. Inspired by the groundbreaking Humans of New York Facebook and Instagram – establishing a distinctive visual vocabulary for The Pluralist is key to success.

Here, we will create a bank of stories featuring everyday Canadian Muslims; through interviews, impactful photography and action-oriented filming our audience will see themselves reflected back in the community.

For four months, we will tell a new story every two weeks, paying to amplify the content to reach our audience.

Every few months, the most compelling features could be expanded into video content promoted beyond the established The Pluralist community. This “always on” strategy could continue indefinitely.



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