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Institute For Global Healing

A new paradigm of education to heal the global heart, awaken the possible human and illuminate pathways to love, peace and harmony in our hearts and in our world. Tax ID 33-0865897


In 50 - 70 years, humanity will communicate very differently. Low integrity will reveal itself through an awareness of disharmony Those in leadership positions will be listening to collaborate as facets of a whole community. 

This is the vision we support and create every day. 

We support and empower leaders, entrepreneurs, social innovators and planetary stewards to express their greatest human qualities.

Recognition of the integrated relationship between the mind, the body, the heart and the spirit is a primary ingredient to wellness of individuals and systems on our planet. Most leaders are not yet supported with the tools and guidance to express their greatest self - we are here to change that. We are here to share a new paradigm of wellness, to upgrade humanity's understanding of how we can relate to our own wellness and to the wellness of all of life. 

Our Master Level Facilitators and Practitioners are also educators. We go beyond simply providing healing, coaching and guidance. Our facilitators and practitioners share skills and education to empower our clients as they bring perpetually higher levels of consciousness into their fluid work and life projects. 

A new paradigm of wellness requires a new kind of education.