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“We are a rescue charity, rescuing people from abduction and kidnap scenarios."

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What we do
International Harbor provides resources and resolve to victims of abuse and kidnappings.

Our mission 
Stop kidnap and abuse devastation through advocacy, crisis management, and Emergency response.

In a split second families and communities are shattered by victimization: an individual is forcibly taken or detained, leaving all affected in hysteria. The only assurance is that every second the situation worsens.

We engage communities at this point of extreme vulnerability and devastation; establishing a bond built on compassion, credence, and guidance. Our focus is to turn vulnerability into empowerment and devastation into triumph. We enable the safe return of loved ones. International Harbor then strives to heal, not allowing this devastation to control the rest of their lives. We provide the needed resources and guidance to work towards living a normal life again.

The construction of our kidnap support network extends to those that are prisoners in their day-to-day life, those withdrawn and devastated due to abuse.

Beaten and battered woman face an overwhelming similar recovery battle, similar to those victimized through abduction and kidnapping. Their wounds and emotional scars run just as deep. International Harbor assists in victim relocation and protection, financial support for legal action, and recovery resources.

The Need:
Human trafficking and kidnapping remain one of the most common crimes in the world. As of 2013 there were 20.9 million victims of human trafficking word wide, 20% of whom are children. 

Human trafficking and kidnapping is a $32 Billion dollar a year industry. Kidnapping and human trafficking are more prominent and profitable today than it was during the Trans-Atlantic slave trade.

The average ransom demand in 2012 was $2 Million dollars. 

Every donation makes a difference in advancing IH’s mission. Please help me reach our goal by donating today. IH is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and all gifts are tax deductible.

A.A.H. for relief: Advocacy, Action, and Healing

Kidnap and Abduction is a reality. These opportunistic crimes lack observance as a true epidemic. These crimes are of a strategic and opportunistic nature, using human life as leverage for criminal and terrorist objectives and financing. 

International Harbor’s advocacy initiatives fortify communities by aggregating, educating, fundraising, organizing and mobilizing to combat this epidemic. Through our advocacy efforts, we work to develop a resource hub to express clearly the impact of these tactics and how to navigate the devastation carved into the many lives they affect.

We strive to equip communities around the world with the knowledge to recognize the risk factors, steps to mitigate detrimental scenarios, and develop awareness to how widespread the threat of abduction and kidnapping is.

Advocacy is essential in generating a proactive culture. These crimes are enacted by criminal/terrorist organizations to instill terror for ransom, leverage, and to persuade.

Action: When the worst happens

Your Donation is essential in further building our action processes. Currently, INTL Harbor is operating through private channels. We need your donation to expand.

Takes Time, Patience, and often long-term therapy.
Studies show that with regular therapy, about 80 percent of victims show improvements within a few months of a traumatic event.

Nothing can entirely rid this devastation from one’s life. Recovery is a process aimed at giving those involved in a crisis the support, tools and resources to go on to living a healthy life. International Harbor is committed to not letting this devastation control the rest of their lives. We enact a program ensuring each step is better than the one before.

After a safe return the healing process begins, monitoring and treating risk factors and psychological effects. There are numerous high-risk behaviors that are a result of this trauma, to name a few: PTSD, substance abuse, and Stockholm Syndrome.  There are a number of therapies that are effective in trauma recovery, including trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing and Somatic Experiencing.

The healing process requires a strong support network to help rebuild their sense of security. Most importantly they need charities like International Harbor to relieve the financial burden that could isolate victims from the help they need.

Combating the true Magnitude:
Healing does not just focus on the victim, but also their support network. Those that support the victim, like their family, often need support themselves. They can experience a significant loss of their own that needs to be recognized and treated. They need also to tend to their own physical and emotional needs.

Please donate today.

Help us grow. Help us save. Help us combat this devastation.

Every donation makes a difference in advancing IH’s mission. Please help me reach our goal by donating today. IH is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and all gifts are tax deductible.

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