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International Medical Corps' Fundraiser:

International Medical Corps Says ReThink Burns™ - A Solvable Global Health Crisis

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Why is this important?

More women are severely burned each year than are diagnosed with HIV and tuberculosis combined.

Women in developing countries who use open flames for cooking, heat and light are particularly at risk of severe burns, yet also lack access to adequate medical care. Severe burns leave victims with disabilities that cost more than $80.2 billion a year in lost wages and skills. What’s more, burn injuries needlessly cause permanent disabilities due to a lack of medical care. Burn victims often are stigmatized and shunned, hindering their ability to be productive citizens. In some cases, burns also represent a human rights issue, especially for women and girls in South Asia where fire and acid attacks are used to brutally disfigure them.

Burns are a neglected global health crisis that can easily be prevented and treated through simple surgery that corrects disabling injuries and through community education on prevention that can save countless lives.

How you can help?

International Medical Corps is working with ReSurge International, a trusted partner with a 43-year history of serving burn victims in vulnerable communities through surgery, to reach the more than seven million people affected by burns in the developing world each year. Together, ReSurge International and International Medical Corps will build and scale-up burn prevention and health care.

How you can help:

Take the pledge!: Join the frontline in the fight against the hidden global crisis of burns.

Watch and share the video: Severe burns remain a neglected health crisis in developing countries, particularly among poor women and children. Learn more about the staggering scope and solutions.

Where we work
International Medical Corps has provided its lifesaving care in nearly 70 countries worldwide. Over the years, International Medical Corps has responded to the world’s most devastating man-made and natural disasters, in countries like Somalia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Rwanda, Japan, Haiti, South Sudan and Iraq.



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