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Intertribal Friendship House Tax ID 94-6042089


The mission of Intertribal Friendship House is to promote the ability of Native people to thrive in an urban environment through ceremony, traditions and cultural connection, to provide a safe environment to strengthen cultural identity, promote health, inter-generational healing and support the development of extended family.


The Story:

For over sixty years Intertribal Friendship House has served the Native community. IFH was founded in 1955 to address the displacement needs of relocated American Indians. We carried with us through those experiences the knowledge of our culture, values, and the connection to the creator. Using fortitude and traditional teachings we remain strong no matter where we stand.


Through our programming our next generation of leaders are educated and trained about themselves and their history. To own their place in society. To create opportunities to develop their voice into the action of maneuvering complex systems while advocating for their community. Using our Native traditions as a foundation from which they move gives their work value, context, meaning and purpose.


We continue to share our unique perspective in relationship to the world. For example, Mitakuye Oyasin (Lakota) translates to “All my relations”. From the Lakota perspective, there are seven directions: West, North, East and South, Above (sky) and below (earth). The seventh direction lies within us and is the light of the sacred given to us by the creator. Every living thing (earth, animal, plant, water, sky) carries that sacred light. Mitakuye Oyasin is the recognition of that light in all things created. The recognition of our relatives goes beyond birth family and human family. Native people understand and view issues like governance, global warming and immigration from a unique and powerful perspective. This perspective and leadership is needed in the world today.


This is the work of Intertribal Friendship House the heart of our Bay Area Native community. Please give to help continue this work.