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International OCD Foundation

International OCD Foundation
CROWDRISE : Jun 11, 2010
Tax ID: 22-2894564
BASED: Boston, MA, United States



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In 2012, Denis Asselin walked over 500 miles — or roughly one million steps — from his home in Cheyney, PA, to Boston, MA, in memory of his son Nathaniel. Nathaniel took his own life at just 24, after a long struggle with severe body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) and OCD. After Nathaniel’s death, Denis embarked on a pilgrimage to honor Nathaniel’s memory and to raise awareness about the disorder that stole his young son’s life. To carry on this tradition, the 1 Million Steps 4 OCD Walk was created the following year in the same spirit of raising awareness, funds, and hope. It is in this spirit of hope that we invite you to join us.

Tax ID: 22-2894564 •


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