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CROWDRISE : Nov 24, 2014
Tax ID: 46-4272378
BASED: Green Bay, WI, United States


What is iOme?

iOme works to raise awareness about the impact of financial security in retirement by engaging people in conversations, sharing ideas, and making a case for why financial security in retirement is important, not only for our individual benefit, but for the well-being of our society.

iOme's purpose is to engage and empower Millennials to understand the impact of financial security in retirement and raise awareness about its importance among decision-makers, both public and private.

iOme asks young people to imagine what America and the world will look like 40 years from now, understand and talk about the issues at hand, and identify what action needs to be taken today so that this generation has a bright financial future.

One of iOme's initiatives is the annual iOme Challenge where students from universities across the country submit research on current financial topics. For more information about this year's challenge as well as how you can get involved in the mission, visit iOme's website. 

Tax ID: 46-4272378 •


Winners of iOme Challenge Trip to Washington, D.C.

Winners of iOme Challenge Tr…

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4% Raised of $10,000 Goal