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My son is participating in a Ipad Fundraising Challenge that if he can sell 60 pieces of jewelry or keychains, he will receive a free Ipad. This is a wonderful and very thoughtful fundraiser that Melissa @ the puzzling piece has allowed my son to participate in. We started in January and now have reach 30. I have tried everyone I know, even put a flyer at the local grocery store and hospital, but I can't seem to get past 30. Its now March, I was hoping to have raised the money by his b-day, but at this rate I might not ever complete goal. So that's where you come in.

So I would like to tell you who you would be helping with your donation. He is someone special to me. That person is my son Marley. A boy who from on the outside you would think is any typical 9 year old kid. But his world is very different from you and me and most of his peers his age. His life is affect by Autism: a developmental disorder that appears in the first 3 years of life, and affects the brain’s normal development of social and communication skills. Marley was diagnosed at age 3 with this disorder. His communication at that age was well pretty much, well no communication. He did not really start to say things that sounded like words till he was 5. He has come a long way with occupational therapy and speech therapy. He has been making great strides in the past few years, due to his love of computers and well anything else that is a machine or has parts.

Due to the economy over the last two years my husband and I have not been able to cover the majority of his therapies, and so now we do our best to teach him using computers and social stories.

We wish we could afford an iPad for our son, but have not been able to since they have been on the market. There are apps aplenty that would help supplement his public schooling and help us with our homeschooling curriculum, math, social, reading, etc, and there are also apps that help kids, like Marley, who don’t understand social norms. Like: where we need to keep our voices down, why we need to look at someone when we talk to them, how to say hello and goodbye, how to ask other kids to play, and how to politely tell other kids when he needs some space to be alone. Marley has learned thousands of things from us and his family members, and we continue to find real world ways to teach, and interact with him. I think that balance is crucial, but I also know that when Marley figures it out for himself the lesson is more lasting than when I drill it in a million times. He practically taught himself to read from Starfall, Lexia, PBS kids, Nick Jr, and Playhouse Disney games on his own.

These are the reasons I can think of to impress upon you why an iPad could be beneficial, even to our verbal guy. You will be changing a little mans future for the better, in ways you could never imagine. You know Einstein had autism, my son could be the next Einstein, you never know, how cool would that be to know that you help an inspiring young mind, do amazing things



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