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Ipads for special needs kids

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For special needs kids especially those that have difficulty communicating like my son Brandon every day can be a challenge. Imagine trying to tell somebody something as simple as your want a drink & not being understood. It can be frustrating. My son is misunderstood often by the people that don't know him & don't understand what he is trying to say. For example this past June my son was on a plane to fly to his dads for the summer & the flight attendent was leaned over the seat trying to talk to him. He was putting his hand on her face trying to make her back up a little & she kept pushing it down. She thought he was trying to slap her but he wasn't & when he put his hand up to her face the 3rd time she moved it away & he got frustrated that she wouldn't back up out of his face so he tried to use his foot to get her away & he did it a little to hard & ended up kicking her in the leg. Needless to say my 6 year old was kicked off the plane. I hold no grudge toward the flight attendant but it gets very frustrating as a parent to a non-verbal child having to deal with things like this. I can only imagine how frustrating it is for Brandon & children like him. There has been a lot of positive feed back on how the Ipads help these children not only with communication but there social skills as well. There is an interesting article in the Washington post On April 18th By Mari-Jane Williams iPads especially helpful for special-needs students. It has several examples of how the ipads have helped in the classrom. My son's occupational therapist has even agreed that children like my son would benefit greatly from the ipad. He is not alone a lot of therapist, & teachers as well have said the same. I know my son would greatly benefit from having 1. I have a few apps on my phone for him That he really enjoys so I know the Ipad would come in useful. The ipad device are very light weight compared to a traditional Augmentive communication which can wiegh about 15 to 20 pounds that is a lot of weight for a 6 year old to carry around every where he goes.. I have also discovered the traditional augmentive communication devices are very limited as to what they can do compared to the ipads An ACD is basically used for speaking for the child no apps or much else for that matter. Unlike the ipad that does have similair speech software plus many more benefits.



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